Sauder's Raises Their Golden Standard to Include Pasture-Raised Eggs Delivered in Eco-Friendly Cartons

Sauder's Eggs will launch an environmentally-conscience and friendly egg carton (developed by Huhtamaki) for their pasture-raised eggs.

Sauder's Pasture-Raised Eggs

Sauder’s Eggs, a company offering locally-sourced, farm-fresh eggs throughout the Northeastern United States and beyond, has announced (in partnership with Huhtamaki) a new eco-friendly egg carton to complement their highly nutritious pasture-raised eggs. The GreeNest™ carton is a completely natural product with 50 percent of it made from all-natural grass fibers. The grass that’s used in these green egg cartons comes from natural reserves that have never been treated or touched by fertilizer.

The new-and-improved packaging is part of Sauder’s Eggs’ ongoing commitment to sustainability. The GreeNest™ design has allowed the company to reduce the carbon footprint by 10 percent compared to current molded fiber carton production, and reduce their dependency on recovered paper. The cartons are made entirely from renewable sources and 100 percent home compostable.

“We are excited to launch this eco-friendly packaging,” says Mark Sauder, president and CEO of Sauder’s Eggs. “It wasn’t enough to continue to produce happy and healthy egg-laying hens on our small, family-owned farms, we needed our packaging to live up to the standards and best practices we have become known for over the past 70 years.”

Sauder is the fourth-generation leader of the company. Sauder’s Eggs has earned a reputation for producing eggs of the highest quality and freshness, lain by hens that are fed the company’s proprietary Gold Feed, which is a natural vegetarian diet free of hormones and antibiotics. Sauder’s Gold Feed boosts lutein, omega-3, and vitamin D to provide the hens with essential nutrients required to produce a truly superior egg.

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About Sauder’s Eggs

Sauder’s Eggs has been bringing locally-sourced, farm-fresh eggs to the market since 1948. From conventional eggs to specialty eggs, they offer a range of conscientious and tasty products produced by farmers who believe in treating their hens with love, kindness, and quality feed. For more information, visit

Source: Sauder's Eggs


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