SASR CEO Completes Acquisition; Broadens Company's Industry Scope and Strategy

After serving as Set and Service Resources (SASR) CFO and COO over the past four years, and more recently as CEO, Patrick Henderson has acquired SASR Workforce Solutions, LLC. SASR Workforce Solutions, LLC has secured recapitalization financing from Access Capital, Inc. and Harbert Credit Solutions Fund IV. Anderson LeNeave & Co. served as exclusive financial advisor to SASR Workforce Solutions, LLC on the transaction.

Having worked closely with Founder Erik Hanvey, Patrick has broadened SASR's strategy to set a foundation for growth over the next 10 years, beginning with an updated company name, SASR Workforce Solutions. This new name represents an expansion of the company's services beyond retail to include the grocery, logistics, and manufacturing industries, as well as an extension of the scope of labor and suite of workforce solutions provided to their clients. The company also revamped its brand, including a new website augmented to a solution-oriented approach that is inclusive of its additional industry services.

"I am extremely grateful for the organization Erik created over the past 18 years. His commitment to building a purpose-driven company focused on a mission to help people find work and a culture that values people and their unique needs will continue to be the foundation that moves SASR forward. As SASR's chief of vision and growth, I look forward to the next chapter of SASR's future," shared Patrick Henderson, President and CEO.

SASR's new website provides an illustrative example of the recent changes taking place within the organization. With language and content focused on industry and segment solutions, the website also shows the company's revamped brand colors along with visually supportive images. "Our goal was to create a website that demonstrates and communicates our commitment to providing quality results for our clients and enhanced job opportunities for our employees," shared Debbie Brown, VP of Sales and Marketing for SASR Workforce Solutions.

Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, SASR Workforce Solutions is a market leader in the retail, warehouse & distribution, and grocery staffing space, providing comprehensive workforce solutions that allow its clients to strengthen their labor needs across a variety of initiatives, including new store setups, store remodels, project management & managed programs, and other temporary and direct hire labor solutions. SASR provides nationwide coverage across all 50 states via a technology-enabled, centralized approach to recruiting and staffing.

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