Sascha Ealey's New Book 'Dry Bones' is an Empowering Account That Aims to Inspire Young Girls and Women to Speak and Stand for Their Truth

Fulton Books author Sascha Ealey, a young, brave, determined, and transparent woman, has completed her most recent book "Dry Bones": an awe-inspiring journey of a woman who did not let society define who she is. She's a courageous woman who experienced a series of discrimination, contempt, and rejection. However, instead of succumbing to those negative emotions, she held her head high and spoke her truth without caring for others' opinions.

Ealey shares, "Dry Bones is a thought-provoking memoir of my grueling journey toward peace and acceptance. My journey is one of abandonment, fear, rejection, unworthiness, shame, guilt, neglect, and growth. It was written with the singular hope that through my stories, young ladies can find their place and voice in their own journey through life. I touch base on what patterns I learned as a child and how that affected me throughout my life. My daddy issues and the emotional manipulation thrown at me by my father drove me to go down hollow streets, searching for things that were unattainable. It made me question my place in this world, and I thought that I had to feel less than from others in order to be accepted. Each dry bone has taught me valuable lessons in love and in life. Those parts of me constructed a beautiful person who doesn't need external acceptance."

Published by Fulton Books, Sascha Ealey's book is an endearing read that shows a woman's strength and capability. The author hopes that her life story will somehow motivate girls and women to break the generational curses left by their predecessors.

This beautiful narrative is a powerful tool to emotional healing. Truly a must-read.

Readers who wish to experience this compelling work can purchase "Dry Bones" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books