Sarasota's Hottest Interior Design Company Is Now Offering Online Interior Design Services

 The Gulf Coast's hottest Interior Design Company, Distinctive Interiors is now launching their Online Interior Design Service for local as well as national clients.  

For pennies on the dollar they will have an interior designer create a room design specifically for each customer.  Interior Designers used to be a luxury service that only the wealthy or those with large budgets could afford.  Today that has all changed.   Due to the global economy and the reach of the Internet people can pretty much buy anything from anywhere.  The biggest challenge now facing consumers that want that "Designer Look" is Now whatDoes this match Will this furniture fit in this roomDoes this fabric work with this one?   Which paint color will look best?  The questions are endless and some consumers need help in creating and executing a cohesive design.   

After completing a design questionnaire and emailing photos and measurements of the space clients will receive their own Mood-Inspiration Board (via email) with all the components necessary to achieve a fabulous designer look.  Clients are provided with a To Buy/Shop List with all the necessary information needed to purchase all the items specified (including make/model, pricing, vendor & website information).  Clients will also receive a Design Tips & Suggestions file to help them execute the process.

Distinctive Interiors is able to provide this service at such a reasonable cost because the focus is solely on the design.  The designers don't need to go out and measure, place orders, track shipments and supervise installation.   Because they are utilizing the Internet as the main communication channel there is no need to mail or produce physical samples - everything is sent and received via email.   Additionally, Distinctive Interiors offers 3 Budget categories to make this service affordable to even the most budget conscious consumer.

For more information visit  or call 941-955-8889.

About Distinctive Interiors

Distinctive Interiors is a full service residential interior design company. We have a showroom located in downtown Sarasota and offer Online Interior Design services.

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