Sarasota Gains New Professional HR Firm

Julie Bleich

Small and medium-sized businesses on the Suncoast have recently gained a powerful new ally when it comes to human resource expertise. People HR Solutions has relocated to Sarasota, Florida, bringing a diverse portfolio of services to help area small businesses grow and thrive.

People HR Solutions Moves to Sarasota

Owner Julie A. Bleich has moved her company to the Sarasota area and is looking forward to working with area businesses in a wide spectrum of HR related processes. Many SMBs do not have an HR professional on staff, and hiring a consultant is a cost-effective way to make sure their company is proactive, productive and compliant when it comes to human resource issues. Given the proliferation of small and independent business in this area, Bleich sees her company and her distinct brand of individualized human resources solutions as a perfect fit.

Human Resources Services for Sarasota Area Business

  • Building a Strong Organization: Every growing company needs to identify and articulate their vision to guarantee successful growth. This begins with a clear mission statement and statement of values; and continues with employee morale initiatives such as employee compensation, satisfaction tracking, succession planning and change management. Those companies with the strongest foundation and most motivated and productive people are destined to win.
  • Hiring & Training: These days, even the simple act of interviewing and hiring has rules of engagement. An outsourced HR professional well-versed in employment law, hiring and interviewing can help you get off on the right foot, while also helping you to efficiently onboard and build a team. Ongoing talent assessment and development, conflict resolution and courses customized to your particular business needs will give you the foundation you need for success.
  • Risk Management and Policy Development: Employing people is a complicated business, and it is best to set the ground rules for your organization right from the start. People HR Solutions can help you to write compliant job descriptions, organize a comprehensive employee handbook, set policies for ethics and behavior, establish time off and leave policies, understand discrimination and harassment considerations, and set up disciplinary procedures which are repeatable and standardized. With an understanding of employment law and compliance, an HR consultant can help to protect your company over the long term.

Resources for Job Seekers

Job seekers can also benefit from the expertise of an HR consultant, whether to write a resume which gets the right kind of attention, or practicing proven interview techniques. People HR Solutions will help with understanding the average compensation for a job description, and teach negotiation techniques to get what you deserve. In a competitive job market, having a professional employment coach may be the difference between endless interviews, and landing your dream job.

For more information on the services People HR Solutions can provide to your organization – or to learn more about their personal employment offerings – visit their website or contact Julie at (941) 217-1488 or

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