Sarasota-Based Trinity Graphic Announces Two New Company Promotions And A New Hire

Two current Trinity Graphic employees, Ron Carbone and Annmarie Gigliotti, have been promoted to new management positions, and printing industry veteran, Martin Hage, has been hired by the Florida printing company.

Trinity Graphic has appointed its former Production Manager, Ron Carbone, as the new Director of Manufacturing and Production. Former Pre-Press Supervisor, Annmarie Gigliotti, has been promoted to Director of Pre-Press Operations. And new hire Martin Hage recently joined the company as a Wide Format Quality Assurance Manager.

A provider of high quality wide-format printing and flexographic pre-press services throughout North America and South America for more than 45 years, Trinity Graphic began initiating a series of corporate image and product and service enhancements in June. These efforts included new branding, marketing and new company website, along with new printing technology and products. The new promotions and hiring serve as part of the company’s plan to enable Trinity Graphic to diversify offerings to current customers, as well as enter new markets.

With over 26 years of combined management experience in plastics manufacturing, electronic document storage/retrieval and, most recently, wide-format printing, Ron Carbone plans to use his position as the new Director of Manufacturing and Production to support Trinity Graphic President Greg Barba’s vision for the company. Carbone says, "I prefer being seen as coach and mentor rather than a manager/director.  When Trinity teammates come to me for leadership advice, I counsel them on how to make their own best decisions."  Carbone enthusiastically speaks of driving continuous improvement and lean initiatives for the company.  His commitment to Trinity Graphic includes investigating evolving printing technologies—as well as taking advantage of what's currently available—to solidify the company’s position as a forerunner in the industry. Barba and Carbone’s goal is to keep Trinity Graphic moving in new directions and explore new markets through using the latest equipment and technology in innovative ways.

A Trinity Graphic employee since 1991, Annmarie Gigliotti started with the company as a Pre-Press Operator for the Flexo Printing Industry and worked her way up the ranks to her new position as Director of Pre-Press Operations. An advocate of continued education and training in Adobe and ESKO Products, Gigliotti has expressed a commitment to staying current on what is new and effective in the printing industry to help the company grow.  “I work with employees and customers every day to build a strong foundation of trust and accuracy, and a memorable finished product,” says Gigliotti.

A former print shop owner and operator for 15 years, and a 24-year veteran of the printing industry, Martin Hage joined Trinity Graphic with vast knowledge and experience in graphic design, pre-press operations, customer service and digital wide format printing. Hage plans to bring that expertise to his new role as a Wide-Format Quality Assurance Manager and help Trinity Graphic expand its business in that area. The company has stated they want to move beyond the traditional printing of banners and posters, and focus on new products such as “Expressions,” their new digitally printed wall coverings. 

About Trinity Graphic: 

Located in Sarasota, Florida U.S.A., and with over 45 years of printing, pre-press and packaging experience, Trinity Graphic is passionate about delivering high quality, consistent products to their customers. Trinity Graphic offers wide format printing solutions for banners, displays, wall coverings and custom applications, along with state-of-the-art flexographic prepress systems supplying printing plates to customers in North and South America. For more information, please visit or call 941-355-2636 or 800-451-1729.