SAPinsider Releases the State of Human Experience in the Workplace Benchmark Report, Revealing Top Drivers and Approaches for Employee Experience Strategy

SAPinsider (, the largest and fastest-growing SAP membership group worldwide, released the results of the benchmark report titled The State of Human Experience in the Workplace. Employee experience has been a growing topic for years, but the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified its importance. With many employees forced to move to partially or fully remote working arrangements, employers needed to find new ways to engage with both existing workers and potential recruits.

This has become even more vital on the back end of the pandemic, as employees have taken time to assess their current experience and are finding more opportunities because the rise of remote work has lessened geographic restrictions on hiring.

To understand what SAP customers are doing to measure and improve employee experience in their workplaces, SAPinsider surveyed 111 members of its community in May and June 2021. The goal of the survey was to understand important factors driving human experience for SAP customers and to discover the strategies addressing these factors. The rise of remote work during the pandemic has driven employee experience strategy at most (54%) respondent organizations.

The benchmark report takes an in-depth look into the data behind this finding, including how organizations are approaching the employee experience strategy, the outcomes they are reporting, and the actions businesses can take to ensure a successful project.

With the release of the benchmark report, SAPinsider has applied the rules of research to provide actionable deliverables from its fact-based approach. SAPinsider utilizes a proprietary research methodology that evaluates the drivers, actions, requirements, and technologies (DART) that dictate corporate behavior as it relates to specific processes and projects to provide actionable insights.

The State of Human Experience in the Workplace report provides key insights into where organizations currently are with their employee experience management journey. The analysis includes the factors driving employee experience management strategies, distinctions between the most important drivers, the challenges, and the top strategies. From this analysis, the report delivers actionable insights for readers, including steps to success. 

"The importance of employee experience has never been more apparent than in the last 15 months," said report author Craig Powers, Research Analyst at SAPinsider. "The rise in remote work has driven companies to examine how they manage employee experience and propelled them to take actions. This is important because only half of respondents believe their company has the right technology and processes in place to create great employee experiences."

"The pandemic exposed many weaknesses in traditional workplace practices, especially for deskless workers who often experience the largest vulnerabilities within the general workforce and are the easiest work group to marginalize from the company and its policies especially in periods of unexpected change," said Mark Kurowski Vice President of Customer and Partner Success at WorkForce Software. "The SAPinsider research shows us that providing a great employee experience is critical in today's tight labor market, not only to help employees improve their productivity or make it easier to access work and pay day but also to attract and retain the best talent across all roles and all levels of the organization. Enabling two-way conversations with all employees, no matter where and when work happens, and engaging with them in a continuous feedback loop has never been more important."

The survey demographics came from every major economic sector, including: Industrial (30%); Financial Services & Insurance (16%); Hospitality, Transportation, & Travel (14%); Retail & Distribution (11%); Software & Technology (11%), Public Services & Health Care (11%); and Media & Entertainment (5%). The survey included respondents worldwide, as 43% were from North America; 34% were from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa; 12% were from Asia-Pacific, Japan, Australia and New Zealand; and 11% were from Latin America.

The independent study was underwritten in part by Eightfold, IBM, and Workforce Software.

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SAPinsider is the largest and fastest-growing SAP membership group worldwide, with more than 435,000 members across 103 countries. It provides SAP professionals with invaluable information, strategic guidance, and road-tested advice.