Sapienza Releases a Brand New ECLIPSE Suite 4.0

Sapienza Consulting announces an exciting brand new ECLIPSE suite release which includes the Database Application Builder (DAB) Module.

Giuseppe Catanese, Chief Technical Officer of Sapienza Consulting said:

“…This is a special release for us at Sapienza, because after 6 years of development and evolution we have closed the circle with the introduction of the most versatile ECLIPSE Module yet, and the one that inspired us all from day one. The Database Application Builder (DAB) is the ultimate solution in terms of flexibility, traceability, and customisability at affordable price. The DAB module removes entirely the costs associated to software development and customisation and enables any owner of Oracle RDBMs to fully exploit the value of their licenses by easily configuring new web based Database Applications as needed in a matter of minutes without the help of IT experts. DAB is the tool that any small to medium enterprise should adopt to solve 80% of their data and information management problems. To accompany such an accomplishment we redesigned our ECLIPSE User Interface taking inspiration from the feedback of our fast growing number of clients especially from the space commercial and institutional sector. The release of ECLIPSE 4.0 also brings about a new fresh yet mature product branding to match our industry leading product”

ECLIPSE is the only collaborative suite of integrated applications designed with the invaluable experience of space industry professionals for use by European space sector organisations ranging from Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) all the way to International Agencies.

The ECLIPSE Suite helps space project and mission teams achieve higher efficiency, better control and compliance to ECSS standards in key project and business areas such as:

·         Project Management (PM)

·         Product Assurance (PA)

·         Configuration Management (CM)

·         Quality Assurance (QA).

·         Information and Data Management (IDM)

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