SANTELESAMISOK Launches New Entertainment Company, Paving the Way for Independent Artists

(Pictured: Ariffin Tahir aka SANTELESAMISOK)

​​Known as "SANTELESAMISOK", Ariffin Tahir is a force in the world of marketing and PR. ​After being motivated by his success, Ariffin has launched his own company called Simp Boy Entertainment to help artists by offering management, development, distribution marketing, and public relations services, and he is currently the director of PR. While just in its startup phase, the company's outlook is sure to be promising. Along with two co-founders, Aryana Lanning and Ray Tan, Simp Boy Entertainment is also offering freelance PR services to independent artists and entrepreneurs as well.

At the young age of 23, Ariffin Tahir is currently making major contributions to help musicians, artists, businesses, and entrepreneurs flourish in the global economy. Read more about this impressive young entrepreneur below:

Establishing a career as a musician is very hard. Especially if they don’t have someone to show them the ropes. A trend has started where independent artists are hung out to dry because they lack the knowledge and skills to better themselves in the business world. With over 1 million streams, they can be the most talented musician in the world and still never get heard. Ariffin Tahir, also known as the celebrity artist SANTELESAMISOK, is trying to change that very trend.

Now at the age of 23, Ariffin is a force in the world of music marketing. Working as a freelance Public Relations specialist, Ariffin has helped tons of artists, businesses, and entrepreneurs establish their brand and attain major press coverage across the world. His interest in Public Relations started when he was determined to become verified on Instagram. He worked on his own press coverage, and within three months of a self-run PR campaign, he was verified (@santelesamisok on Instagram). By himself, he was able to attain major press coverage on websites such as Yahoo and many more. This is impressive to say the least, but the story doesn’t end there.

The main event that solidified Ariffin's pursuit as a force in PR is a moment most of us could only dream about. After being scammed by someone on Instagram who claimed to sell “the blue check”, Ariffin was tossed into a group chat with other people who had fallen to the same fate. Almost two years after not talking to any of those friendly victims, one of the members reached out to him after seeing the blue check next to Ariffin’s username on Instagram. Ariffin proceeded to help his friend get verified and is working to verify each user in the scam victim group.

With so much success as an artist and entrepreneur, there is no doubt with his continued motivation and success SANTELESAMISOK will continue to be a driving force in the business and entertainment industries.

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Source: Simp Boy Entertainment Company

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