'Sanity-Saving' Mother Lauren Greutman on Family Finance 101 on Tips on TV Blog

Top Consumer Savings Expert Lauren Greutman shares easy ways consumers can take back control of their Money in 2020.

Lauren Greutman on Financial Health

It is the second month of the New Year, which serves as an ideal time to take stock of our financial health and in many cases, make a plan for how to save more. It is unsurprising that financially-themed resolutions are among the most popular made each New Year. Just in time to save those debt-free resolutions, Saving Expert and best-selling author of The Recovering Spender Lauren Greutman shares some tips. This mother of six has been a go-to resource for busy families who are sick of keeping up with the Joneses and ready to learn a better way spend with their heart, stay true to their values, and live the lifestyle they want.


There is a piece of technology that can be very helpful called Nimbl by Nationwide, which is a free mobile app that helps users get out and stay out of debt by building personalized plans in a matter of moments. After just a few questions, the app understands spending habits, creating an easy-to-understand budget that provides coaching and support along the user’s journey. Nimbl was created to help users pay off debt at a pace that fits their lifestyle, so getting out of debt has never been easier. For more information, visit www.nimbl.nationwide.com.


One suggestion is to have a portion of each paycheck deposited directly into a savings account, but it is important to have the right savings account. SmartyPig is a goal-based savings account that can help pay for life’s goals through saving, not debt. SmartyPig is known for their high-yield savings account that allows management of all financial goals in one place. Enjoy competitive interest rates, referral bonuses, and more, totally free and FDIC insured! How great would it be to pay for the next holiday season in cash and not go into debt?! Start saving now and avoid going into debt. Give the family a great holiday season by planning ahead using a SmartyPig high-yield savings account. For more information, visit www.SmartyPig.com.


The Unlimited Cash Back Bank Account by Green Dot Bank is great because it is all about putting cash back in the user's pocket as they buy the things they are going to buy anyway! It offers unlimited 3% cash back on online and mobile purchases and comes with a free savings account that pays a 3% annual interest. Get an account today at www.greendot.com and start saving!


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