Sangam University Offers First Time in Bhilwara 5 year Integrated BBA LLB Program

Law has emerged indeed as a highly sought after career option. Legal education in India today prepares the youth to face the top ranking challenges of the legal profession which presently is as specialized and lucrative as any other profession.

The law aspirants not only figure themselves in courts but mark the presence in various corporate houses, law agencies, law firms, litigation, administrative services and many more. Earlier it was seen that the law has become a family profession. The families had been choosing law as professions for generations. But the scene has changed today, anyone having the traits and passion for this field can opt for the course and could achieve what he / she has set for.

For several decades, getting a Law degree after 10+2 schooling used to take 6 years – 3 years for getting say a BA or BCom or BBA followed by 3 years for LLB. The 5 year integrated Law program after 10+2 has enabled law students to develop and hone skills across a wide spectrum. Students get to pursue two reputed degrees at the same time. If they do both separately, they would take minimum 6 years so this course would save them one whole academic year.

The five year course is meant for those who want to take up law as a career- be it as a litigator, or any other kind of legal professional. In this era of corporate India, having business skills and legal knowledge is very beneficial for both students and the nation.

BBA LLB is a five year programme by integration of management and business subjects with law as against BA LLB which is an integration of arts subjects with law and BSc LLB which is an integration of science subjects with law. However the career opportunities for both these courses are same. Both graduates can work as lawyer, legal advisor, law reporter, legal assistant, etc depending on their skills and experience.

For those who are keen on corporate law, mergers and acquisitions etc BBA LLB would have an edge over BA LLB which focuses more on public policy or BSc LLB which focuses more on techno legal disputes. To get an integrated understanding of the interrelationship of Management Studies and Law in their entirety than in specified areas, BBA LLB is the best bet. Over the last decade, BBA LLB has been attracting a large number of youngsters who have completed their 10+2.

The courses in Business Administration covers a vast spectrum of the contemporary areas of managerial relevance and provides the students an opportunity to focus on strategies to manage business in fast-evolving global environments, with a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship, the impact of technology on commerce, managing the emerging markets of Asia and other global issues. Study of these courses will enable the students to develop a competitive edge over their counterparts in other institutions and help in taking them to the zenith of their career.

Sangam University Bhilwara established by Govt. of Rajasthan Act No. 14 of 2012 incorporated u/s 2(f) of UGC Act 1956 is dream come true of Sri Rampal Soniji Chairman Sangam Group of Industries Bhilwara which is one among the top ranking corporates in India today with business interests spanning textiles, steel, infrastructure, power and energy. It's a matter of pride that the two year young Sangam University has a ten year old legacy with ITM established in 2003 as its foundation.

The 5 year integrated BBA LLB curriculum which is being launched in July 2014 with Bar Council of India – BCI approval at Sangam University in addition to the business administration subjects also includes Contract Law, Company Law, Family Law, Criminal Law, Labour & Industrial Law, Intellectual Property Law, Cyber Law, Environmental Law, Banking & Insurance Law, Tax Laws, Competition Law, Medical & Health Law, Human Rights etc. There will be strong emphasis on participation in Moot Courts, Legal Aid Society, and Internship throughout the curriculum. 

In addition to a whole array of books on Law and Business Management in the Central Library, Sangam University has also subscribed to SCC Online Web Edition which is India’s premier legal database which gives access to complete coverage of the Supreme Court, all High Courts, Tribunals and Commissions, Statutory Material and many foreign jurisdictions and International material. Sangam lays great emphasis on faculty for the law school and recruitments include alumnus of top ranking National Law School NLU Jodhpur etc.

In the coming years, integrated 5 year BBA LLB graduates from Sangam University will indeed make a significant contribution to the legal profession in India.

About Sangam University Bhilwara

Sangam University aims to accomplish the task of creation of future by facilitating triveni of not only intellectual and cultural values but also ethical values resulting in the development of leaders who know the way, go the way and show the way.

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