Sandler-Kenner Foundation Announces Participation in North Texas Giving Day

Pancreatic cancer foundation will take part in annual charitable giving event.

The Sandler-Kenner Foundation, a charitable organization with a focus on improving the survivability of pancreatic cancer through the advancement of early detection and diagnosis tools, has announced its participation in North Texas Giving Day, an annual event that helps raise funds for local non-profit organizations. Taking part in this prestigious event, says the co-founder of Sandler-Kenner, is in keeping with the overall spirit of the organization - to make the connections and build the relationships that will affect change in pancreatic cancer research.

“Our mission at the Sandler-Kenner Foundation is to support the advances in the early detection and diagnosis of pancreatic cancer,” says Dr. Gregory Echt, the co-founder of the Sandler-Kenner Foundation. “We understand that this early detection is the key to saving and extending lives and we are absolutely committed to changing the technology used to quickly identify what has historically been a very difficult disease to diagnose. The key to providing that support is identifying and building relationships with potential donors; and North Texas Giving Day is a wonderful opportunity to do just that.”

Now in it’s sixth year, North Texas Giving Day is an annual event that helps connect North Texas non-profit organizations with potential supporters. The event will take place this year on September 18th, from 6 a.m. to midnight online at and in person from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Communities Foundation of Texas at 5500 Caruth Haven Lane in Dallas. Supporters will have the opportunity to learn about the needs of the community and local non-profits that support it; allowing them to make charitable donations as they choose. Non-profit organizations benefit from the opportunity to raise awareness for their cause and build relationships with those who can potentially help support their efforts. Last year’s event helped raise more than 75,000 gifts that totaled $25.2 million for more than 1,350 local non-profit organizations. Dr. Echt is hopeful that this year’s event will be even more successful, thus helping to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer research and opportunities that exist for advancements in early diagnosis and treatment.

“Pancreatic cancer affects one in seventy-eight people and the survival rates following diagnosis are a staggering three to sixth months,” says Dr. Echt. “These are statistics that can be changed with the right tools at our disposal. Committed financial support can change the way we diagnose and effectively treat pancreatic cancer, which will save lives. We look forward to connecting with people through North Texas Giving Day and working together to create meaningful change right here in our community.”

About Sandler-Kenner Foundation

The Sandler-Kenner Foundation, established in 2007 as the Las Colinas Cancer Center Foundation, was renamed in early 2011 in the memory of Michael Sandler and Peter Kenner, both of whom passed away from pancreatic cancer.  The Sandler-Kenner Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All donations made to Sandler-Kenner Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.