Sana Packaging Redefines Cannabis Industry Standards With New 100% Reclaimed Ocean Plastic Pre-Roll Tube

Sana Packaging Launches Sana Ocean Tube 116

Sana Ocean Tube 116

Sana Packaging, a sustainable packaging brand that designs and develops cannabis packaging for a circular economy, today launched its third 100% reclaimed ocean plastic pre-roll tube: the Sana Ocean Tube 116.

"We're really excited about the Sana Ocean Tube 116! Pop-top pre-roll tubes have long been the industry standard, and we're redefining that standard by using 100% reclaimed ocean plastic. Compared to our previous pre-roll tube designs, we were able to reduce our material use by 25% and provide our customers with a 30% cost savings," said Co-Founder & CEO Ron Basak-Smith.

The new Sana Ocean Tube 116 is fully recyclable, child-resistant certified, made in the USA, features a new pop-top design, and is perfect for king-size pre-rolls, blunts, and vape pens. Sana Packaging offers custom printing and labeling. These are available now for pre-order. 

Sana Packaging aims to transition cannabis packaging away from a linear “take-make-dispose" economic model and towards a circular economic model meant to eliminate waste and pollution, keep products and materials in use, and regenerate our natural systems.

"As we continue to see a global increase in single-use packaging during the COVID-19 pandemic, we're proud to have already removed more than 58 tons (116,000 lbs) of plastic waste from our oceans. For reference, the average car weighs about 2 tons (4,000 lbs)," said Co-Founder & CEO, Ron Basak-Smith.

About Sana Packaging
Sana Packaging is a sustainable packaging brand that is changing the narrative in the way the cannabis industry thinks about disposable products and waste recovery. Sana Packaging develops packaging for a circular economy using 100% plant-based hemp plastic, 100% reclaimed ocean plastic, and other innovative materials. Sana Packaging is proud to be a "Made in the USA" company and believes packaging should be regenerative and help heal the environment throughout its lifecycle.

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