San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Leverages Skyfii to Drive Guest Engagement

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), one of the USA's premier art museums selected Skyfii's cloud-based software, technology, and expert data services, to deliver an improved and more engaging experience for its visitors. SFMOMA, known for being a pioneer in its use of innovative technology, is now incorporating a suite of Skyfii's technology products including People Counting, Insights, and Guest Wifi.

Skyfii's People Counting technology provides SFMOMA the ability to measure, predict, and positively improve the visitor experience. The Skyfii platform identifies trends in visitor behavior which allows the museum to effectively plan its operations to meet the evolving needs of its visitors. The technology measures aggregate traffic and identifies the most popular areas and paths in the museum.

Noah Bartlett, Chief Administrative Officer at SFMOMA, said, "Skyfii allows us to simplify complex data giving us the opportunity to program each part of the museum for a maximized visitor experience."

Skyfii's Insights technology allows SFMOMA to measure average length of visits, understand how many people are in the museum at all times, and which exhibitions and amenities are most visited. This will help SFMOMA make informed decisions to positively impact the visitor experience and ultimately the museum's bottom line.

Bartlett noted how valuable Skyfii's reporting tool is when working with the museum's Board of Trustees and leadership, "We can produce something quickly and put it in front of our Board to show how the museum is performing as it relates to the visitor's journey. Prior to partnering with Skyfii, we didn't have this data to measure the return on investments, or a full understanding of our visitor's journey. It is important for us to understand exhibition visitation and how this ties back to the revenue we are generating."

When SFMOMA presents a new exhibition or artist, Skyfii's technology can measure change in visitor behavior over time. This allows the museum to understand which exhibitions deliver the highest engagement.

In addition, Skyfii's marketing software can deliver personalized engagement through tools like customer sentiment surveys to help better understand and further improve visitor engagement. Bartlett added, "Of particular importance to us is then how we use the data insight to positively impact the experience. Now, with Skyfii, every moment is optimized for an exceptional visitor experience."

Skyfii is pleased to be able to assist in providing an impactful and innovative visitor experience for SFMOMA's guests. "We are thrilled to work with such a prestigious and technology-forward museum. SFMOMA's use of our platform sets a precedent for how institutions such as museums should lead visitor experience. We are fortunate to have SFMOMA as a partner and we will continue to work on innovative ways to assist the museum with their key initiatives," said Wayne Arthur, CEO of Skyfii.

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