San Diego's Best Life Leashes Helps More Dogs Find Forever Homes With Just Two White Stripes

These leashes & collars have the symbol for rescue dogs, letting people know who has rescued and making more people want to do the same.

Best Life Leashes Co-Founder & Mr. Breakfast

Best Life Leashes, a San Diego based organization dedicated to advancing dog rescue, has created a symbol that helps dog rescuing be seen for the hip and trendy act that it actually is. They’ve created dog leashes and collars with an eye-catching two white stripe symbol that signifies a dog as a rescue, allowing their owners to show their pride for having rescued, and showing people what awesome dogs come from rescues.

“Rescue dogs aren’t your average dog. Yet, there’s never been a universal symbol that lets them stand out from the crowd and be seen for the amazing companions that they are,” says Liz, one of the founders of Best Life Leashes. “So we created the two white stripes to be the symbol for rescue dogs. It functions as a way to let rescue owners show their pride for having rescued, and to help people see what awesome dogs are rescues with the goal of inspiring them to do the same.”

Along with creating The Symbol For Rescue Dogs™, Best Life Leashes teams up with rescue organizations to provide leash and collar donations through their 1-for-1 donation program. This allows the rescue organizations to allocate more funds towards medical bills, food, and other important costs, as well as getting more rescue dogs wearing their stripes and inspiring others. Within the 6 months since launching, Best Life Leashes has caught the attention of hundreds of rescues and is partnered with large organizations such as The Animal Pad and has gone international with organizations, like Rescue All Dogs in Canada.

Best Life Leashes' two white stripe symbol for rescue dogs, high quality products, and partnership with rescue organizations deliver the necessary ingredients to advance dog rescue. 

About Best Life Leashes

Best Life Leashes is an organization that created the symbol for rescue dogs with the purpose to inspire more people to rescue their next dog. Founded in 2020, the company offers premium leashes and collars for rescue dogs and their owners. Since its development, Best Life’s innovative product design has gained the support of renowned rescue organization leaders and philanthropists.  For more information, visit or follow @bestlifeleashes on Facebook and Instagram.

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