San Diego Attorney John Gomez Helps Local Restaurants Through the COVID-19 Crisis

Lawyer John Gomez Helping Businesses During COVID-19

San Diego attorney John Gomez (founder of San Diego-based Gomez Trial Attorneys) is a self-proclaimed foodie passionate about supporting local restaurants. Gomez and his legal team have been hard at work helping locally-owned eateries fight legal battles throughout the pandemic, and they’ve steadily invested their own money in nearby restaurants to contribute to San Diego’s restaurant industry as well.

There’s a lot we don’t know about the current pandemic, but one thing is for sure—San Diego’s local restaurants are in a situation they never thought they’d see. It’s one reason why Gomez Trial Attorneys has made every effort to bolster the city’s economy and help support its residents.

Gomez Trial Attorneys has worked to inject more than $25,000 into local restaurants. Here’s some insight into how:

  • John Gomez gave each of his employees (he employs roughly fifty people) $500 to be spent at local restaurants; he also encouraged them to tip 25 percent or more when they went out to eat
  • Gomez Trial Attorneys created a fundraiser for Meals on Wheels; the fundraiser has currently raised more than $3,600
  • The firm has supported local restaurants (like The Crack Shack) by purchasing 200 meals every Friday for a month and donating to essential workers throughout San Diego
  • The firm’s attorneys also volunteered their time to drive within the county and drop off those meals to nurses, fire departments, elderly homes, EMTs, and essential workers every Friday; Gomez Trial Attorneys even purchased a sprinter van just for this initiative

John Gomez and Gomez Trial Attorneys understand that multitudes of local businesses and restaurants are experiencing unprecedented losses as the pandemic continues. Many of San Diego’s restaurants are fighting against insurance claim denials. The problem isn’t just local, either—chefs and restaurateurs across the country are coming together in a movement to team up with law firms and take on insurers.

Gomez has been at the forefront of legal efforts to help restaurant owners grappling with claim denials in the face of COVID-19. He appeared on ABC10 News at the beginning of April to speak in support of local chef and restaurateur Brian Malarkey. He continues to extend his services to San Diego restaurant owners in need of legal counsel.

Gomez Trial Attorneys currently represents more than 300 restaurants and small businesses. The firm offers legal representation for clients with issues concerning COVID-19 and business interruption, personal injury, sexual abuse and assault, and wrongful death.

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