San Antonio's First Float Therapy Spa Specializing in Restrictive Environmental Stimuli Threapy (REST) is Open for Business

Ready to heal San Antonio with the most powerful therapy available.


iSofloat is a specialized float therapy center that focuses on Restrictive Environmental Stimuli Therapy (REST), also known as "floating".  Floating is a tool for pain relief, wellness and relaxation and it comes with many benefits.  Float therapy allows our bodies to better equip themselves to deal with the stress and tension of living in today's fast paced world.  

REST/Float Therapy has a direct effect on the hypothalamus by allowing our bodies while floating to achieve a level of physical relaxation and healing that is not possible in any other environment and our bodies go into a state that is more relaxed and deeper than sleeping. 

The facilities at iSofloat are beautiful and top notch, creating a calming atmosphere that amplifies the floating experience for their clients.  This includes wonder massage chairs, natural lavender bath products, spa robes and towels to wrap you luxury.

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