Samsung and Android - A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

The Android mobile operating system is managed by a consortium of software organizations.

The Android mobile operating system is managed by a consortium of software organizations, electronics device manufacturers and cellular network operators, named the "Open Handset Alliance". Samsung is a part of the alliance, and is one of the major contributors to the Android project. As a member, it has firsthand access to the latest developments, and is free to make its modifications and market them under its brand. As per the latest statistics, Samsung is the biggest Android mobile manufacturer, and is arguably the most successful smartphone and tablet manufacturing organization.

Samsung's association with Android is most prominent with its Galaxy series of smartphones and tablets. The Galaxy S4 smartphone is currently the most advanced and sophisticated smartphone in the world, armed with features such as Air Gesture and Dual Shot camera operations. The native software stack of Android is generally enhanced by Samsung developers by installing their own user interface and default applications. Apart from the Galaxy S series, Samsung has several other mid-budget and low-budget smartphones that run on different versions of the Android operating system. While the core interface and default apps remain the same, these devices generally differ in the screen size and the hardware capacity.

The Android operating system is also used to run other devices such as tablets. The Galaxy Tab and the Note series cater to different tablet devices of various screen sizes, and are placed at different price ranges. In fact, the popularity of Android tablets led Samsung to design phones that have a slightly large screens and provide several features of a traditional tablet. A few devices from the Note series are specifically designed for this hybrid purpose, and the term "phablet" has been coined to justify the dual nature of these devices.

Apart from handheld devices, a major transformation in the world of Samsung and Android was witnessed with the launch of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. This device is paired with a Samsung tablet or phone via the Bluetooth technology and is designed to perform tasks such as capturing photos, displaying incoming calls and other notifications received on the phone. Although it was not a complete success, the device has created a foundation for several non-mobile Android devices in the future. Even as Samsung plans to develop its own brand of mobile operating system, its partnership with the Android ecosystem is mutually beneficial and here to stay for the next few years.

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