Samples of Chiques Creek Hemp Tea Being Offered by Kreider Farms at the 2020 Pennsylvania Farm Show

Kreider Farms, Central Pennsylvania's favorite producer of farm fresh milk, ice cream, premium eggs, and more, will be offering complimentary samples of their recently launched line of unique hemp iced tea drinks—Chiques Creek Hemp Tea—during the 2020 Pennsylvania Farm Show. Find the samples at Giant Foods' booth near the Farm Show Complex Food Court on Wednesday, Jan. 8.

Full-size bottles of Chiques Creek Hemp Tea will also be for sale at the PennAg booth for the entire show, Jan. 4-11, 2020.

Show visitors certainly won't want to miss their opportunity to try the three currently available flavors of Chiques Creek Hemp Tea—all made from a blend of hemp seed oil and natural flavoring with no artificial sweeteners:

· The Original Recipe - showcases the earthy flavor of hemp

· Passionfruit + Mint - a refreshing tropical blend

· Peach + Lemon + Dandelion - a complex blend of earthy, fruity, and tastefully bitter notes

Chiques Creek Hemp Tea does not contain CBD or THC, as the FDA has not yet approved these additives for food and beverage use. As regulations change, Kreider Farms may explore future recipe alterations. For now, the family-owned producer is excited to offer this new taste sensation made with Pennsylvania's hottest crop!

"Our Lancaster family farming heritage dating back over 275 years is rich with hemp agriculture," said Khalee Kreider, Marketing/Social Media Specialist at Kreider Farms. "In fact, the neighboring township is named Hempfield Township because of the hemp industry in this area dating back to colonial times. Our ancestors grew and processed hemp on our farms."

Named for the refreshing creek that flows through Kreider Farms' company headquarters, Chiques Creek is more than a delicious tea—it's a celebration of Lancaster County heritage.

Contact: Khalee Kreider​​​

Phone Number: (717) 368-0269


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About Kreider Farms

Though family-owned since Christian Hershey settled in Manheim in the early 1700s, Noah and Mary (Hershey) Kreider officially started Kreider Farms in 1935 with 102 acres of land, a dozen dairy cows, and 200 chickens. Now under the leadership of third-generation CEO Ron Kreider, the farm is still family-owned, but has expanded to over 3,000 acres and 450 employees. To learn more, visit or

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Chiques Creek sells Hemp Tea, an exciting new specialty beverage, bottled in Lancaster County, PA. Made from a unique blend of hemp seed oil and natural flavors, Chiques Creek Hemp Tea contains no artificial sweeteners.

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