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The Riffs on Riffs podcast, a production of Evergreen Podcasts dives into the art of sampling to reveal surprising connections between music past and present. The show kicked off their new season June 8 and will be releasing episodes every other Wednesday.  

This season, hosts Joe Watson and Toby Brazwell take a deep dive into an incredible tale as they seek out the untold story of the band 24-Carat Black, their landmark album "Ghetto: Misfortune's Wealth," the visionary Dale Warren, and their collective impact on the music industry. 

"The incredible tales of this group and that record are proof that life is sometimes stranger than fiction, and we are going right to the sources to uncover all the amazing stories," says Joe Watson, a lifelong musician, guitarist and co-founder of Go Big Creative Lab, a Cleveland, Ohio-based design and brand strategy firm. 

Hear from 24-Carat Black vocalists Princess Hearn and Niambi Steele, along with saxophonist Jerome Derrickson, currently the booking agent for icon Frankie Beverly. They also conduct a lengthy conversation with Zach Schonfeld, author of the 33⅓ book, "Ghetto: Misfortune's Wealth" and a regular contributor to Rolling StonePitchforkNewsweek, and Vulture.

"Whether it was the collapse of Stax Records, the band's record company, or its music was just ahead of its time, this band never gained enough traction during its lifetime to achieve true stardom but its legacy lives on in the 100+ songs that sampled it," says Toby Brazwell, a hip hop producer and emcee. His group Edotkom has opened for acts including Fugees, Cypress Hill, and others. 

Music fans can also look forward to brand new, never-before-heard music coming from former 24-Carat Black band members. Watson, Brazwell, and producer Noah Foutz have been collaborating with the singers to produce a few new tracks. "We were thinking about the legacy of 24-Carat Black, and how there's a sort of tragedy in the way the band never took off while they were together. Their music has had this second life from sampling that none of the original band members were able to take part in," says Foutz, a music composer and performing musician from the Cleveland area. "We wanted to give back to these band members and make new music with them - something they can be proud of and derive success from." 

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