Samaritan Protective Services: Why Contingency Planning is Critical to Business Leaders

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Corporate and government risk managers are tasked with ensuring continuity of operations and planning for "what if" contingencies. Risks can include anything from natural disasters to dealing with the hostile termination of an employee or the protection of company executives. More than ever, companies are relying on outsourced security consultants to identify vulnerabilities, develop risk mitigation strategies and respond to emergencies.  

Samaritan Protective Services, a Northern Virginia based risk management firm, conducted a complex exercise in September, deploying their Incident Response Team or "IRT". This exercise was focused on deployment of personnel and assets with minimal notice into austere and challenging conditions, such as after a natural disaster like a hurricane.  

Samaritan Protective Services' Executive Director, Brandon Shafikhani states, "Today's corporate risk environment requires a multifaceted approach to planning and risk reduction. The objective of proactive security measures is to identify vulnerabilities and develop relevant and sustainable countermeasures. After our experience responding to the critical infrastructure security needs of clients in the aftermath of Hurricanes Florence and Michael in 2018, it was determined we needed to invest heavily in planning for contingency operations nationwide. We also had just returned from staging along the East Coast to support a client, should Hurricane Dorian impact their operations. This made the training even more relevant, given the terrible destruction caused in the Bahamas."

Globally recognized as a leader in corporate and diplomatic security, Samaritan understands the need for increased preparation by companies for maintaining critical operations when systems are down. Mr. Shafikhani continues, "After a storm or significant incident, companies still have critical operational functions that must remain intact. This could be the ability to communicate with clients around the world or power restoration to critical equipment. When the power goes out, critical systems such as CCTV and physical security measures can also fail. This is where "boots on ground" to secure critical infrastructure comes into play.

The exercise trained personnel on the use of advanced equipment such as mobile command platforms, drone operations, satellite communications systems, power generation and life support materials. Also covered was the coordination necessary between the private sector and government response agencies, such as FEMA and Law Enforcement. The IRT exercise served to train new personnel and foster teamwork and camaraderie in challenging conditions. Mr. Shafikhani describes the necessity for conducting realistic and relevant training as "Required to hone skills already attained, correct deficiencies, develop new strategies and plan for the security needs of customers." 

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