SAM Sport's Ability to Help Athletes Recover from Injury Without Surgery is Gaining Recognition from Enthusiasts Within the Tennis Community

SAM's ability to restore grip strength due to complications from elbow tendinosis — sometimes known as tennis elbow — has drawn attention from amateur tennis clubs and communities around the U.S.

SAM multi-hour continuous wearable ultrasound device applied to the front and back of the shoulder.

SAM Sport, an FDA-cleared bio regenerative medical device that helps reduce pain associated with tendon, ligament, and muscle injuries is receiving an increased amount of attention for its ability to help tennis players recover without surgery. SAM by ZetrOZ Systems provides proven soft tissue and chronic pain relief through continuous ultrasound treatment.

"SAM's ability to treat acute injuries associated with tennis has been gaining more and more attention from within the tennis community," says Dr. George Lewis, CEO of ZetrOZ Systems. "For recreational players who love the game, tennis is tough on the body, and injuries are a real part of it; surgery might not always be the best course of action, especially if you're not playing a professional level."

SAM treats over 35% of muscle and tendon injuries without surgery, helping elite athletes and professionals in physically demanding jobs get pain relief; long-duration, continuous ultrasound therapy accelerates natural healing at the molecular level.

"For years I suffered from a frozen shoulder which limited shoulder range of motion and created pain, even while sleeping," said Joseph Esposito, an avid recreational tennis player. "After years of rehabilitation, I regained the use of the shoulder, however, the pain remained and when I resumed playing tennis many of the fine points and shots were not possible."

After trying an array of treatments such as stem cell, PRP, trigger point release, physical therapy, the BEMR, NSAIDs and supplements, Mr. Esposito discovered SAM and in just 4 weeks experienced noticeable differences in range of movement, pain remediation, flexibility, and strength.

"The results I have received from using SAM in the last 3 months are nothing short of a miracle," says Esposito. "I am able to play tennis with the same finesse I had over a decade ago prior to being injured and my buddies on the court immediately noticed a difference in my game."

Recreational tennis players can benefit from using SAM in the treatment of wrist soreness or injury, elbow tendinosis and shoulder injuries and will also find the device useful for post-game recovery.

According to a clinical study of subjects with elbow tendinosis, treatment with SAM increased the grip strength of the injured arm by 17%. Subjects in the study also reported a 70% decrease in pain on a zero to 10 scale over the six-week study. SAM's ability to effectively prevent future injuries has yet to be studied in clinical trials.

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