and Microsoft News Enter Multi-Year Content Licensing Agreement

The partnership aims to bolster new readership as part of Salon's growth strategy, LLC, an independent digital media company, today announced a new content licensing agreement with Microsoft News. As part of the agreement, news and editorial content from will be distributed on Microsoft properties, including, a popular web portal and home page for millions of Internet users. reaches a growing audience of more than 10 million monthly readers. Beyond covering the 2020 elections and news within the White House, Salon’s newsroom broadly covers current events and entertainment and is also developing original content in the food and culture verticals.

“Salon has progressively increased its unique audience quarter over quarter in the last two years and has been profitable every quarter since our acquisition,” says Chief Revenue Officer Justin Wohl. “Our new relationship with Microsoft News is a testament to the momentum Salon has generated built from our original content and investigative, independent journalism.”

Founders of header bidding solutions and the website monetization platform operated by Proper Media, Chris Richmond and Drew Schoentrup acquired in August 2019, bringing their technological expertise and independence into the company while also establishing a flagship publishing partner for Proper Media. Since being acquired, Salon’s website infrastructure, tools, and hosting system have been dramatically improved, unlocking new bandwidth and potential for editorial endeavors.

“We’re proud of the stories we’ve been able to tell this past year, and I look forward to seeing Salon’s content reach an ever-wider audience with Microsoft News as we continue developing and expanding our content operations,” says Chief Executive Officer Chris Richmond.

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