Sales Territory Management Firm Wins CRM WizKids Award

The TerrAlign Group, leader in Sales Territory Management software, has won Beagle Research's 2008 CRM WizKids Award for developing an innovative product that helps customers align sales territories with company sales goals.

The TerrAlign Group, Inc., a leading provider of Sales Resource Optimization solutions, is a recipient of the 2008 WizKids Award presented by Beagle Research Group, LLC. The award is presented annually to a hand selected group of emerging companies that provide innovative business solutions designed to advance new or improved business processes. In 2008, there were seven recipients, including TerrAlign's partner, Verticals onDemand - the pharmaceutical industry's only provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) CRM solutions.

In addition to the award, Beagle produces a report that details the significance of each winning company's solution through a case study highlighting one customer's experience. For TerrAlign, Beagle wrote about Sepracor, a research-based pharmaceutical company dedicated to treating and preventing human disease by discovering, developing and commercializing innovative pharmaceutical products, such as LUNESTA®.

Denis Pombriant, managing principal of Beagle and the report's author said, "TerrAlign brings a sophisticated mapping and planning solution to territory planners at organizations with large and medium-sized field sales teams. This kind of solution gives field managers and sales operations analysts the ability to optimally allocate sales resources and provides equitable and manageable territories for sales reps."

Vithy Vithyanand, Associate Director, Commercial Analytics for Sepracor, when discussing their territory optimization needs for the report, stated that "We needed to identify the high, medium and low priority targets in each territory," and "drive time needs and many other things that go into balancing a territory." TerrAlign's ability to quickly reconfigure territories was the thing that ultimately sold Vithyanand. "We do a lot of 'what-if' analysis before we finalize territories," he said. And with a large sales force it would not be possible to invest a great deal of attention into each territory without automation. "We wouldn't be able to do as much analysis without TerrAlign," Vithyanand said.

"We are honored that Beagle Research has selected TerrAlign for the WizKids award," said Jim Brown, president at The TerrAlign Group. "We had pioneered this technology 20 years ago, continually enhancing it over the years to make it the most robust and feature rich solution on the market. Our recent efforts, also a first for solutions like ours, to leverage web technology and integrate with leading CRM solutions has added tremendous value for our customers. This award validates TerrAlign's significant value for optimizing sales resources and our contribution to the broader CRM market."

The full report is available at and the individual case study highlighting TerrAlign and Sepracor can be downloaded at .