Sales Technology Innovator Tellwise Releases Salesflows to Automate Sales Communication and Task Management

Sales teams can create powerful communication workflows that combine email, calling, and social media to drive more meetings and revenue.

​​​Tellwise, a leading sales communication and engagement platform, has announced the availability of a new set of features called Salesflows. Salesflows automate the complex and difficult-to-manage process of communicating with prospects in a personalized, but structured, manner across multiple channels. Salesflows make sellers significantly more efficient and consistent with their sales communication which leads to more time selling and ultimately better revenue results.

Many sales teams struggle with how many emails, calls or social touches to make with prospects and how to manage and execute those touches. Tellwise’s new features address that challenge by allowing customers to customize and define the multi-channel outreach process they want to use to engage with prospects, and then Tellwise manages the execution. Customers simply add prospects to user-defined Salesflows and Tellwise ensures the communication occurs at the right time with the right frequency.

“Effectively managing outbound sales communication is difficult and time-consuming. Sales professionals spend too much time on low-level management tasks instead of selling and adding value to customers. Salesflows are a dramatic step forward that allows sellers to automate large parts of their sales communication process. Fully integrating Tellwise’s engagement platform with leading data providers like DiscoverOrg and leading CRMs like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics means that sales teams are more efficient, more productive and can spend time doing what they do best - selling. The results are more meetings, more opportunities and, most importantly, more new customers,” says Conrad Bayer, CEO of Tellwise.

With Tellwise Salesflows, sales teams can:

  • Automate prospect communications - Salesflows automate and manage the delivery of emails, task management for phone calls, social touches and prospect prioritization all in a simple-to-use package. A sales team can configure sales processes that include automated emails, calling and more and Tellwise ensures that the tasks are executed on time and with as little overhead as possible.
  • Add prospects from multiple data sources - Tellwise is designed to integrate directly with CRM platforms like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, email systems like Gmail and Outlook and Sales Intelligence tools like DiscoverOrg. For example, joint Tellwise-DiscoverOrg customers can perform searches in DiscoverOrg and add those prospects to Salesflows directly from the DiscoverOrg interface.
  • Simplify task management - Salesflows help to manage tasks for sales professionals by reminding them at the appropriate time when they need to call or manual email a prospect. Since Tellwise also tracks activity, data for the prospects task can even be sorted and executed by the prospects that showed the most interest.
  • Improve prospecting effectiveness with insight from rich analytics - Salesflows automatically track the effectiveness of each step in the process and also for the salesflow overall. For example, Tellwise provides detailed information on the effectiveness of each prospect engagement step, and across multiple prospects, this allows customers to continuously tweak and improve their sales process and execution.

“We are excited about the results we are getting from Tellwise. Salesflows has helped Cohesion automate outbound messages, manage tasks and solidify our process. The integration with DiscoverOrg is helping to keep Cohesion’s data up to date and virtually eliminates data entry,” John Owens, president of Cohesion IT Staffing.

About Tellwise

The Tellwise sales communication platform is a leading provider of email, calling, instant messaging and now automation capabilities for sales professionals. The Tellwise platform provides the most complete set of communication tools, combined with powerful analytics and integrated into solutions such as Salesforce, Dynamics, Outlook, Gmail, DiscoverOrg and more. Tellwise is based in Bellevue, Washington, and founded by an ex-Microsoft team focused on improving the efficiency of cross-company communication.

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Conrad Bayer

Source: Tellwise