Salad and Numenta Achieve 10X Price Performance Improvements on AI Inference

Brain-based AI technologies designed by Numenta attained 10X more inferences per dollar on Salad's distributed infrastructure than standard BERT transformer networks in the public cloud

Price Performance

In a case study published on, Numenta's optimized AI technologies attained 10x more inferences per dollar when deployed to Salad's distributed cloud, setting a new price performance standard for BERT transformers.

"It's incredibly validating for our team to see Salad Container Engine outperform conventional data center services at such an affordable rate," said Bob Miles, CEO of Salad.

The study's methodology saw core technologies of Numenta's proprietary AI platform deployed as stateless container workloads on different types of cloud infrastructure. In order to generate benchmark comparisons against AWS infrastructure, Numenta engineers were granted beta access to a deployment toolkit for Salad's fully managed orchestration platform.

Based on over 20 years of neuroscience research, Numenta solutions introduce novel architecture, data structures, and algorithms that deliver dramatic acceleration on inference tasks and minimize the overall resource usage of intelligent systems.

"By building technology based on the efficient principles and structures in the brain, we can overcome today's deep learning performance challenges and unlock new AI capabilities," said Christy Maver, Vice President of Marketing at Numenta.

With the global market value of AI/ML applications projected to exceed $136B this year and a tectonic shift towards computationally expensive use cases such as generative AI, Salad is poised to provide affordable GPU access and an infinitely scalable compute supply to AI innovators. The company hopes that Salad Container Engine will provide affordable alternatives in a marketplace where 81% of IT teams cite rising infrastructure costs as a critical concern.

"To combat the growing cost of hyperscale cloud services, Salad will securely and sustainably distribute applications across the world's largest pool of compute resources," said Miles.

Teams interested in using Salad Container Engine may apply for early beta access by following Salad's onboarding documentation. Those interested in using Numenta technology can apply to their Private Beta Program at

Source: Salad Technologies

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