Safezone: A New Device That Can Help Slow the Spread of Covid-19

Safezone smart distance meter

This Dutch tech start-up, Safezone, has designed a device that aims to help prevent Covid-19 from spreading. The World Health Organization suggests the easiest way to stop the spread of Covid-19 is by physical distancing.

The solution

People who are in close contact with an infected person can catch Covid-19 when this infected person releases infectious droplets from the mouth or nose.

World Health Organization, Ha Noi

This new device can help reduce the chance of transmission by targeting the way the Covid-19 spreads. Actually, it is a really simple solution that detects when people come too close to each other and warns them. By keeping a safe distance, the virus that causes Covid-19 can’t spread as easily.

Safezone is a smart and simple distance meter that offers business owners, their staff, and customers or guests safety in uncertain times.

Safezone: the smart and simple distance meter

The Safezone smart distance meter uses an ultrasonic sensor to provide a very accurate measurement, which triggers the illuminated warning sign that lights up green when a safe distance is detected and turns red when people get too close to each other. In addition to the light signals, Safezone can also provide an additional warning via an alarm sound. This functionality can also be easily turned off if so desired.

Our story and mission

The Corona crisis has generated a lot of uncertainty. With this in mind the three Dutch entrepreneurs Daan Heijsters, Floyd Leestemaker and Ruben Goossens developed Safezone. 

We started Safezone in the early stages of the Covid-19 crisis. The idea for a distance meter was born, within a week we had an office up and running and we started our Safezone journey. Our mission is to create a safe environment for people, by reminding them to keep a safe distance.
- Daan Heijsters, Head of Design 

 The reliable invention to keep businesses going

The three entrepreneurs noticed the same thing; it is extremely difficult for business owners to indicate when a customer comes too close. A seasoned tech manufacturer recognized the same problems and decided to join the venture.

Together they developed a very cost-efficient and accurate product in a very short period of time that helps company owners to keep their businesses going in a safe and elegant way.

For whom?

We see several applications for Safezone. To start with, there is great demand from the hospitality, store, and retail sectors. Because the solution is universally applicable, one can also think of municipalities, airports, and libraries.

We also noticed that healthcare institutions want to provide visitors the clarity that SafeZone offers at the reception desk, without the need for constant action by their own staff.  


Safezone has launched a Kickstarter campaign to gain more awareness, and the project can be backed until the 19th of November 2020.

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