Safety NetAccess Creates Connected Infrastructure for a Secluded Getaway Guest Experience

The new deployments combine SNA's networking background with Corning's industry-leading fiber products, enabling Getaway to operate Outposts in rural locations.

Safety NetAccess, Inc. ("SNA") is delighted to announce the completion of several highly connected infrastructure deployments to create a secluded and peaceful guest experience for Getaway. 

Getaway, the leading health and wellness hospitality company on a mission to make space in the world for free time, provides guests with an accessible escape to nature just outside of major cities across the country. The guests experience unscheduled, unstructured, and uninterrupted, free time — not just for rest and rejuvenation but to foster inspiration, creativity, and connection.

There is a lot of technology that goes into creating that experience, from a phone system to access control to building management, all blended seamlessly into the tranquility of the cabins. A local fiber-to-the-edge infrastructure network ensures connectivity to efficiently run and operate the facilities' operations without the high costs associated with installing a cellular tower. The Corning Everon™ fiber-to-the-edge solution provides unlimited bandwidth while still being a cost-effective solution to each of the 40+ cabins over wide areas in a variety of climates while leaving flexibility and plenty of capacity for future operational technologies. 

"We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Safety NetAccess and Corning to quietly power our service delivery model," said Kai Gilsey, Getaway Vice President of Guest Experience. "At Getaway, we offer our guests the space for unplugged free time in nature, and in order to provide this experience, we needed a technology solution that would fade into the background." 

Chirag Patel, Chief Operational Officer at SNA, added, "Safety NetAccess was thrilled to collaborate with Corning on the Getaway project as it is cutting edge and such a unique way to deliver technology in a new way, thinking outside the box. Safety NetAccess is honored to be chosen by Getaway as a solutions partner in this project."

"Corning's innovative and durable solutions are an ideal fit for the challenges faced in remote environments around the world," said Jessica Janis, Corning's Director of Business Development. "Our fiber-to-the-edge solutions provide the bandwidth and connectivity Gateway's properties need today, tomorrow, and well into the future." 

The blending of Corning's fiber solutions, Safety NetAccess' experience, and technological know-how are key to delivering a custom, one-of-a-kind solution to Getaway and its guests.

About Safety NetAccess

SNA is a leading, international, high-tech solutions company providing a broad range of technology products and services since 2001. All SNA products and services are exclusively designed for the most selective client. They include visitor-based Wi-Fi networks, telecom, security camera solutions, energy management, television and casting solutions, low voltage cabling, conference support services, and Broadcom/telecom circuits. Our networks are managed, monitored, and maintained with 24/7/365 LIVE support. Our support team is comprised of experienced engineers to ensure superior service for our clients and their end-users. Today SNA has installed various network environments, including hotels, resorts, open-air venues, multiple dwelling units, military bases, coffee shops, restaurants, universities, high schools, campsites, and marinas. For more information, please visit and follow us on FacebookLinkedInInstagramYouTube, and Twitter.

About Corning Incorporated: 

Corning ( is one of the world's leading innovators in materials science, with a 170-year track record of life-changing inventions. Corning applies its unparalleled expertise in glass science, ceramic science, and optical physics, along with its deep manufacturing and engineering capabilities, to trust-based relationships with customers who are global leaders in their industries. Corning's capabilities are versatile and synergistic, allowing the company to evolve to meet changing market needs while also helping our customers capture new opportunities in dynamic industries and trust-based relationships with global leaders in their industries. Corning's capabilities are versatile and synergistic, allowing the company to evolve to meet changing market needs while helping its customers capture new opportunities in dynamic industries. Today, Corning's markets include optical communications, mobile consumer electronics, display, automotive, and life sciences.

About Getaway:

Getaway is a health and wellness hospitality company on a mission to make space in the world for free time, offering mindful escapes to tiny cabins nestled in nature where guests can take a break from work, WiFi, and routines. Getaway builds Outposts, collections of tiny cabins, within a two-hour drive of major cities, outfits them with the comforts of home and rents them by the night. Everything about the experience, from the location of the land to the design of the cabins and the lack of WiFi and cell service, is designed to help guests unplug from the stress of daily life, reset, and embrace simple pleasures like nature and a campfire. Getaway has 19 Outposts with over 784 cabins outside of Atlanta, Austin and San Antonio, Boston, Charlotte and Raleigh, Chicago, Cleveland and Pittsburgh, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orleans and Baton Rouge, New York, Portland, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. For more information, please visit

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