Safety Around Water Introduces Wally's Water Rules Mobile App to Save Lives

Introducing Wally the Water dog, the new "Smokey the Bear" of water safety

It's finally here! The "Smokey the Bear" of water safety.

Wally the Waterdog is the character that teaches water safety protocol to children and their parents. Safety Around Water, established in 2019, is dedicated to helping save lives with four simple rules. ​​These rules are meant for children as young as 2 years old and are taught to them through games. These include card games, a downloadable iOS and Android app called "Wally's Water Rules", and puzzles that are interactive and meant to be played with the parent too. The adults are key, which is why one of the four rules ​includes a bright red band with our slogan on it, to be worn by the designated water watcher. Just like a designated driver, a designated water watcher is responsible for KEEPING THEIR EYE ON THEIR CHILD.​​

Our company's goal is to sell educational products with water safety rules and Wally the Waterdog character to further drive our message and awareness. Safety Around Water has partnered with Aqua Tots to put 20% of all profits towards swim lessons for families that can't afford the lessons themselves. The fact is 88% of drownings & near-drownings can be prevented if parents take the important step of providing lessons for their children. After our company's motto "KEEP YOUR EYES ON YOUR CHILD", swim lessons are the 2nd best way to prevent these tragedies. Wally the Waterdog is designed to help children associate with this FUN ​character and learn water safety while enjoying the games.  

We as a state and nation are going through something that has required all us to follow the same rules to save lives and it's working. We can do this for water safety too!

Source: Safety Around Water, LLC

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Our company's goal is to sell educational products with water safety rules for parents and kids to raise money for this cause. Twenty percent of all profits will go to swim lessons for children in families who otherwise could not afford them.

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