Safe Streets for All at National Bike Month Celebration

Everyone has the right to safe streets is the message of the Queen Anne Interfaith Ministries National Bike Day Celebration.

Queen Anne Interfaith Ministries National Bike Month Celebration

Despite gray skies and rain, the 4th annual Queen Anne Ministries celebration of National Bike Month rolled on with its own special touch—promoting safe streets for all.

The Church of Scientology Seattle was proud to participate in the program that promotes the many health and environmental benefits of bicycling.

Whether by bike or trike, walker or wagon, skateboard, skates, Segway, wheelchair or pram—everyone has a right to safe roads was the message of Judy Vitzthum, pastoral assistant at St. Anne’s Catholic Church, in her blessing for the day. “When we roll, grant us awareness and respect for those around us, gratitude for those who make curb-cuts and paint bike lanes, and forgiveness toward any who might not be understanding of our means of getting around," she said.

Established in 1956, National Bike Month is celebrated each May and with programs held in communities across America, each showcasing the many benefits of bicycling.



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