Safe Expo Announces Plans for Helping Live Meetings & Events to Return Safely

Full-Service Pre-to-Post Health Safety Monitoring for Events

Safe Expo

​As the world adjusts to new protocols due to COVID-19, one thing is certain, events and conferences must also adapt. Safe Expo brings together experts from the event industry who have partnered with medical professionals to create a safe event, no matter its location, from the pre-planning through post-show monitoring.

Coordinating essential communication between venues and local health departments to on-site information hubs and physical temperature screening, Safe Expo is meticulously designed to fulfill with what is of the utmost importance during these uncertain times — Health and Safety.

"As COVID-19 spread throughout the globe, we started wondering about the future of live meetings and events and what could be done to help them return safely,” said Matt Laws CEO of Safe Expo and longtime event organizer. The Safe Expo program works in three stages to ensure maximum health safety: pre-event guidance, on-site support, and post-event monitoring. Safe Expo will deploy a team of experts to communicate with everyone necessary to create a safe and successful event.

Our ultimate goal is to stay ahead of potential disease outbreaks that could possibly affect large gatherings.  We provide streamlined functional safety support for events of any size, assisting with pre-event planning, onsite support, and four weeks of post-event health monitoring.

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Source: Safe Expo