SAFE-AI Task Force to Host Online Forums on AI in Interpreting: Unveiling Research Insights

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The Interpreting SAFE-AI Task Force, a pioneering collective formed to address the rapid development of generative AI in interpreting, announces two pivotal online public forums to share initial insights of an extensive multi-language perception survey study and a focused qualitative study of deaf experience with technology-mediated interpreting. Both projects are two tracks of a broader investigation designed to inform the development of comprehensive guidelines on the safe use of AI in interpreting. 

These public forums underscore the Task Force’s commitment to fostering an inclusive dialogue on the ethical application of AI in language access.

Upcoming Online Public Forums:

1. CSA Research Presentation: Perceptions on Automated Interpreting

Date & Time: February 29, 2024, 10 am-11:30 am CST


Hélène Pielmeier, the Senior Analyst at CSA Research who led the large-scale perception study with the goal of capturing current perceptions about spoken and signed AI for interpreting, will walk attendees through a selection of the biggest takeaways and take questions. The 350-page report covers over 9,400 datapoints on end-users, requestors, and providers of interpreting services and technology. 

2. Deaf Advisory Group Presentation: Toward a Legal Foundation for Ubiquitous Automated Interpreting by Artificial Intelligence

Date & Time: March 1, 2024, 10 am-12 pm CST, login at 9:45 am


Tim Riker (Brown University), Teresa Blankmeyer Burke (Gallaudet), Jeff Shaul (GoSign) and AnnMarie Killian (TDI) will share insights on the readiness of society and technology to provide automated interpreting by artificial intelligence (AIxAI) based on an analysis of deaf discourse about AIxAI. Presented by the Advisory Group on AI and Sign Language Interpreting, this qualitative study focuses on criteria for three critical impact areas that could undergird safety and fairness of AIxAI for all languages.

Both events will be accessible in ASL and English.


Established in June 2023, the Stakeholders Advocating for Fair and Ethical AI in Interpreting Task Force (Interpreting SAFE-AI) has been at the forefront of stimulating a comprehensive discussion on the responsible use of AI. The group’s goal is to develop, share, and advocate for guidelines that promote ethical AI practices. The Task Force has engaged a wide array of stakeholders in a vibrant dialogue, paving the way for informed and responsible AI use for interpreting in health care, government, education, courts, and other critical services.

In December, the Task Force embarked on their inaugural research project, a dual-track study consisting of CSA Research’s multi-language perception survey analysis and a qualitative study by the Advisory Group on AI and Sign Language Interpreting. These efforts are aimed at fostering a reflective dialogue on AI's implications in interpreting and informing the development of comprehensive guidelines on safe AI use in interpreting. 

Call to Action:

The SAFE-AI Task Force invites all interested parties, including technology vendors, requesters and purchasers of interpreting services, interpreters, end-users, regulatory bodies, and professional associations, to join these forums. 

About the Interpreting SAFE-AI Task Force: The Interpreting SAFE-AI Task Force, a collaborative group of industry stakeholders, advocates for fair and ethical AI in interpreting. Their mission is to establish, disseminate, and promote guidelines for responsible AI adoption in the field, ensuring technology's benefits are maximized while minimizing potential risks. For more information, please visit

Source: Interpreting SAFE-AI Task Force