Sacred Batik Announces Exciting Release of Dream Collection to Help Enhance Lucid Dreaming in Powerful Ways

Sacred Batik continues as a source of products that can dramatically help a person on their path of personal growth.

Mugwort and Kyanite Dream Pillow

​​​​​​It's often said that a perfect holiday gift is the gift that keeps on giving long after the season has past. In that spirit, Sacred Batik, a leading online shop offering personal transformation tools for self-healing and growth, recently announced the launch of The Dream Collection.

The Dream Collection is focused on enhancing lucid dreaming, through a combination of aromatherapy, the energy of crystals and the subconscious mind in designs and formulas expertly crafted by Sacred Batik to produce clear results.  Organic herbs featured in the collection include Chamomile, Mugwort, Lavender, Rosemary and Rose petals.  To enhance the dream experience Moldavite, Kyanite, Danburite or Herkimer Diamonds are offered.  Many regard the best feature as the 100% cotton, batik dream pillow that holds a reusable sachet in one pocket with an overlapping pocket on the other side specially designed to hold and protect the user's crystals as they do their sacred work.

"Awaken the Sacred in You"

Amanda Johnson, Founder of Sacred Batik

“Our mission and passion at Sacred Batik is to help 'Awaken the Sacred in You',” commented Amanda Johnson, founder of Sacred Batik.  “Mingle earthly blessings with psychological healing as you explore and discover your subconscious.  Whether you are invested in personal development, dream recall, lucid dreaming, to vanquish nightmares or simply to have a more peaceful night's sleep these mindfully created batik dream pillows do not disappoint.”

The Dream Collection release is a timely one, as exploration of dreams is becoming increasingly acclaimed for personal and spiritual growth.  More people have been awakening to higher consciousness and seeking deeper meanings, embracing personal transformation and self-empowerment as a means for personal healing.  Dream exploration and lucid dreaming are tools that can help all of these efforts.  The Dream Collection from Sacred Batik continues Amanda Johnson's passion to make sacred work easier and to provide tools that can help people make deeper and more meaningful connections so they are able to more easily manifest their intentions and goals.  

According to the company, the personal transformation journey is what inspired Amanda to create transformation tools that are made with intention, quality materials and with a healing purpose.  Her conviction that everyone deserves the tools to transform their inner selves into the person they were born to be, led to both the creation of both Sacred Batik and The Dream Collection, both helping answer the crucial question of “How will you empower yourself today?”

Sacred Batik customers have been passionate in their support for the company and the tools they offer across the board.  Recent comments have included, “This is special” and “I hope there is more”, from shoppers clearly excited to have a shop in Sacred Batik devoted to their self-development on the highest levels.

For more information on Sacred Batik and to order The Dream Collection launching October 18th be sure to visit

About Sacred Batik

Amanda Johnson established Sacred Batik in 2015.  Her daily life is infused with prayer, meditation, crystal gridding, smudging, salt baths, journeying, self-care and positive affirmations.  She is a student of Pixie Lighthorse in her Visual Quest coursework and SouLodge. Amanda has also studied under Iryne Carrasquillo - owner of Thirdi Center, and Angie Yingst - Advanced Crystal Master at Altaview Wellness Center.  Initiated into the Rite of the Womb, the 13th Rite of the Munay Ki, her education is always expanding with attendance in classes, workshops, circles and guidance from mentors.  Everything Amanda Johnson does is rooted in purpose, positive intentions, and for the good of all – and, of course, this includes Sacred Batik.

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Amanda can be contacted personally at To view the entire Dream Collection check out  For fun behind the scenes looks, be sure to check out her Instagram at and Pinterest

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