Sacramento Events is Building Into the Community

Sacramento Events' President discussed the team's holiday giveback plans. He also explained how a commitment to supporting good causes is a competitive advantage for any company.

A commitment to philanthropy has always been part of the Sacramento Events ethos. Ezekiel, the firm’s President, explained, “We support good causes all through the year, but there’s something special about the holiday season that makes giving back even more meaningful. The ability to make the season brighter for those in need creates a significant morale boost throughout our organization.”

This year, the company’s sales and marketing managers will be collecting canned goods and nonperishable foods to donate to the less fortunate. “Coming together as a team to help those in need really gets us in the holiday spirit,” the President added. “We also build stronger personal bonds in the process. More than any other team-building activity, we’ve found that giving back to the community helps us grow closer as people. There’s just something about helping your fellow human beings that creates a real sense of community, both within our office and our region.”

Working together to help the community bolsters teamwork back at the office. Ezekiel noted, “Our team members seem to collaborate more smoothly after a giveback event. They’re more engaged in their daily work as well, because they can take pride in the fact that our company cares.”

Sacramento Events’ President on the Business Benefits of Giving Back

The rewards of charitable giving go well beyond morale boosts in an office. There are many business benefits to be gained as well, including a sharper public profile. Ezekiel stated, “More than ever before, people want to know they’re supporting companies that care about social impact. With every Sacramento Events giveback effort, we remind consumers that we’re invested in making a positive difference in our community and beyond.”

Giving back also helps create connections with local leaders and other influential people. The President added, “The contacts we’ve made through our Sacramento Events charitable efforts have been so valuable in our ongoing success. We often find our philanthropy-forged connections coming back to help us in unexpected ways. You never know how a relationship that begins with social giving can evolve into new opportunities.”

Frequent charitable pursuits also lead to stronger retention. “People want to work for companies with strong social awareness,” the President stated. “Here at Sacramento Events, our sales and marketing managers never have to wonder of our hearts are in the right place.”

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