SA Co. Proudly Announces Launch and Expansion of New Marketing Division: SAMA Labs

A marketing company that provides a disruptive, yet valuable and quantifiable approach to help any sized business in the digital space

Over the last several years, SA Company has become a globally recognized brand in the lifestyle and outdoor apparel space. With thousands of different SKU and style combinations, there’s a product fit for any type of interest or hobbyist. They are known as one of Facebook’s top core group of companies that have found success in its diverse and disruptive advertising platform.  

With lifestyle apparel becoming more and more competitive, the fun and “thumb-stopping” content shared with millions of fans, combined with quantifying every dollar spent, is the bedrock of their success. That matched with a quality product, competitive price and superior customer service have given them the edge over other top known apparel brands. The entire operation is run out of over 30,000 square feet in the heart of Boca Raton, Florida.

We're a brand first, just like our clients, and they appreciate that. They know we have their back.

John Florey, President

Now, in Q3 of 2018, they are proud to announce the launch of SAMA Labs or otherwise known as SA Marketing, a Full-Service Marketing and Creative Lab. “We were seeing too many friends and family get lost and lose control of their own brand’s growth. When I started SA Company, we took it upon ourselves to control our own destiny and be our own marketing company. I then applied that philosophy and created SAMA to help bring value to those who needed it,” said Thomas De Sernia, CEO and founder of SA Company. SAMA Labs is a direct-to-business marketing team that carries the same ideology that has made SA Company so successful over the last several years. They are able to leverage a similar disruptive content delivery method, well-targeted direct response advertising, wide-spread media buying and quantitative campaign measurement for any business in need.  

“It’s exciting to be part of a team that’s so passionate about working hard for our clients, and showing them what profitable marketing is truly all about. We’re a brand first, just like our clients, and they appreciate that. They know we have their back,” said newly appointed President, John Florey.

Services include; Website Design, Direct Response Advertising, Video Production, Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization and much, much more. SAMA Labs has the full capacity to work with any company, anywhere in the world with no long-term commitments. They aim to completely disrupt the way marketing agencies treat its clients.

Contact the team at to inquire more.

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