Saša Jurić Joins Very Big Things as an Elixir Mentor

Foremost Expert in the World on Elixir is Now Part of the Award-Winning Digital Products Agency

Saša Jurić, Elixir mentor at Very Big Things

​​​​​Very Big Things, an award-winning digital products agency based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is excited to announce it has brought on Elixir in Action author Saša Jurić full-time as an Elixir mentor. This new mentor position is a result of the Very Big Things scaling initiative and constant efforts to improve the exceptional quality they are known for.

“We’ve seen our team grow to more than 45 employees in the last year and continues to grow as a by-product of the level of work we are producing,” said Very Big Things co-founder and CEO Chris Stegner. “We are proving that we can both scale and increase the quality of our work at the same time.”

Jurić has an extensive background, with a strong expertise in Elixir, a popular programming language designed for building highly trafficked, scalable and maintainable applications. He authored the first- and second-edition books called Elixir in Action. Jurić is a well-known member of the Elixir community and frequent speaker at some of the world’s largest technology conferences including GOTO, Full Stack Fest, ElixirConf and a number of Elixr and Erlang events.

At Very Big Things, Jurić will be responsible for defining company-wide Elixir standards and practices, consulting on architecture-related concerns, providing continuing education to the development team, and establishing the on-boarding process for new developers.

Stegner continued, “We’ve had our eye on Saša for a while, between reading his books and watching his talks, and now the time was right to bring him on board to accomplish our goal of creating the best digital products in the world.”

Jurić graduated in 2002 from the University of Zagreb in Croatia with a focus on electrical engineering and computing. Since then, he has contributed to various projects including large-scale server systems (running on Linux), Windows desktop applications, and standalone kiosk devices. He has been involved in all parts of development including development of back-end systems, front-end logic, databases, server setup and administration, and application deployment. He is also highly skilled with Erlang, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, C# and .NET, C++ and MFC, Microsoft SQL Server.

This is one of many strategic moves Very Big Things plans on making as the company continues its efforts to provide absurdly great digital products. Very Big Things, headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has recently expanded to three offices in the United States, Croatia and Ukraine.


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