S.P. Wingate's New Book 'The Russians Are Coming! The Money is Flowing!' Uncovers a Brilliant Account of a Foreign Investor's Life in the Corrupt Country of Ukraine

S.P. Wingate, a former pastor, minister of music, and radio show host, has completed his most recent book "The Russians Are Coming! The Money Is Flowing!": a gripping and potent read that chronicles the journey of an American investor who struggled to get his business to work in a corrupt foreign country.

Wingate writes, "Get a first-hand real-life experience with an American investor who lived and worked in Ukraine for six years. Learn what a foreign investor must go through to get a business up and running successfully in Ukraine - or should we say unsuccessfully?

The American government knows these facts about Ukraine but continue to send BILLIONS of dollars to them.

• BILLIONS of $$ have mysteriously disappeared into thin air.

• Russia and Putin are not perfect. But they are not the problem in Ukraine.

• Ukraine is Ukraine's problem - Not Russia.

• America financed the coup in Ukraine of a democratically elected president and is now financing Ukraine's corruption - Not Russia."

Published by Fulton Books, S.P. Wingate's book accounts the challenging journey of living and working in Ukraine in its turbulent years from the firsthand experience of an investor who tried to build a simple business in such a corrupt country.

Readers who wish to experience this interesting work can purchase "The Russians Are Coming! The Money Is Flowing!" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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