Rythmia Life Advancement Center Announces Appointment of Brandee Sabella to Its Board of Directors

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Rythmia Life Advancement Center today announced that Brandee Sabella will be appointed to its Board of Directors, effective as of May 17, 2022. Sabella joins Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Martin Luther King III, Toni Ko, Kelly Slater, Gerard Armond Powell, Dr. Jeff McNairy, Gerard Powell II, and Patrick Powell as a member of the Board.

"I am so excited to have Brandee on our Board of Directors," said Gerard Armond Powell, CEO, Rythmia Life Advancement Center. "She is one of the founding members of the Rythmia team and we are thrilled that she is joining us in this new capacity."


Born in Oakland, California, Brandee Sabella is a service-driven entrepreneur, speaker, activist, transformational entertainment artist, and women's empowerment leader. She is one of the founding members of Rythmia Life Advancement Center, a leading life program that infuses ancient and modern wisdom, plant medicine, and breakthrough technologies for healing and awakening to one's highest potential.


Rythmia Life Advancement Center is focused on incorporating plant medicine into metaphysical teachings. The results of its program are spectacular with over 95% of its 10,000 clients reporting a life-changing miracle during their stay. Furthermore, the company is a model of diversity. Eighty-two percent of Rythmia's staff are members of a minority community and/or identify as LGBTQ+. And the company prides itself on its management team, 70% of whom are members of a minority community and/or identify as LGBTQ+. For further information and/or reservations, call (888) 443-5566 or visit www.rythmia.com.

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Source: Rythmia Life Advancement Center

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