Ryelle Strategy Group Partners With the Sheikh Khalifa Government Excellence Program to Launch the First-Ever Virtual Government Excellence Assessment Program

Program brings together more than 100 global experts to promote excellence practices in federal government entities

Ryelle Strategy Group

Ryelle Strategy Group, an industry-leading excellence assessment and strategy execution firm, has announced a strategic partnership with the Sheikh Khalifa Government Excellence Program of the federal government of the United Arab Emirates to deliver its first-ever virtual government excellence program. 

Ryelle will recruit and deliver more than 100 subject matter experts from around the world with expertise in strategy, innovation, education, finance, infrastructure, energy, climate, healthcare, among other disciplines, to deliver this mandate. This group will assess the operations of more than 30 government entities to establish excellence standards, promote knowledge sharing and capacity building and integrate industry-leading best practices with the ultimate objective of helping the government improve their efficiency and shape the future of their entities. 

"It is an honour to have been chosen as the partner by the federal government of the UAE in moving this established government excellence platform to a digital context," said Carol Kotacka, Managing Director of Ryelle Strategy Group. "Running the program virtually for the first time ever allows us to maximize all facets of international best practices and take full advantage of a global network of subject matter experts like never before. We will be drawing on our extensive network to add to our globally recognized team of experts to ensure that we will be able to choose from the best and brightest from around the world." 

About Ryelle Strategy Group
Ryelle Strategy Group is a boutique consulting firm that specializes in excellence assessment and strategy execution across private, public and non-profit sectors both in the field and via virtual platforms. From client/patient/customer experience mapping, knowledge mobilization and market intelligence to stakeholder engagement, brand management and the creation of new platforms, Ryelle Strategy Group's mission is to enable connection, collaboration and co-creation within organizations to achieve outcomes. Learn more at www.ryellegroup.com

About the Sheikh Khalifa Government Excellence Program
Sheikh Khalifa Government Excellence Program aims to develop excellence practices of the federal government through the adoption of the modern fundamentals and principles of excellence and raise awareness about excellence in government work, guiding and developing government entities capabilities through sharing of knowledge and best practices that encourage disruptive innovation and consolidate quality concepts and leadership excellence. Learn more at https://www.skgep.gov.ae/en/programme

Carol Kotacka, Managing Partner
International Recruitment
Ryelle Strategy Group

Source: Ryelle Strategy Group