Ryatt Construction Announces Acquisition of Bill George Demolition & Grading

Ryatt is bringing its one-stop-shop brand to Phoenix and will build on the well-earned reputation that BGD has cultivated over the last 32 years.

Ryatt Construction

Ryatt Construction, a construction site development contractor, announced their acquisition today of Phoenix-based company Bill George Demolition & Grading. This acquisition helps small and mid-size housing developers in Phoenix satisfy all site development from demolition and grading to utility work and permitting. 

After 32 years in business, Bill George has announced his retirement and is handing over all company operations to Ryatt's co-founders Ryan Somers and Matt Howland. The headquarters for the combined company will be located in Seattle, Washington.

"Bill George D&G has built a great reputation based on the quality of work and service to their clients—which we pride ourselves on, as well," said co-owner Matt Howland. "We see the potential to expand on his service offerings to the full, comprehensive scope of services that Ryatt has become known for."

With both companies focused on the housing sector, the core services of each focus on site preparation that ultimately makes way for construction. For the past decade, Ryatt Construction has developed a broad range of services to assist their clients, spanning the entire process of site development from permitting requirements and interaction with local agencies to demolition and grading and utility work. 

"We're joining two companies with a huge depth of knowledge and experience," said co-owner Ryan Somers. "We're new to town, but not the industry, and we intend to leverage the local skills and relationships that Bill George and his crew have developed while making our own meaningful ties into the community. We want our future clients to know that the Ryatt way of doing business means we're there to help throughout the process. We clear the way to getting things built—both in terms of the dirt and the paperwork."

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