Ryan Crawford's New Book, 'The Chronicles of Levi Jones, Book 1: The Discovery' Is a Daring Yet Exhilarating Journey of a Lifetime for Two Best Friends Who Fight for Survival

Fulton Books author Ryan Crawford, a college graduate from NIT, an alumnus of Davenport University, and an adventurous traveler, has completed his most recent book, "The Chronicles of Levi Jones, Book 1: The Discovery":  an engrossing novel that grabs hold of the adventures of two best friends caught in a dangerous predicament with uncertainty of what is to come.

Crawford shares, "After being dismissed early from school for a three-day weekend in the small harbor town of Coralbrink, best friends Levi Lumboss and Jones Jackson try to withstand a sudden historic flash flood hurricane that changes the boys' future forever. In their attempt to survive the deadly storm, they are thrown into an adventure full of mystery, intrigue, ghostly encounters, booby traps, and an ancient secret that will change the fabric of time."

Published by Fulton Books, Ryan Crawford's first book in this upcoming series is a stirring adventure loaded with mysteries that invites more trouble and excitement in their perilous journey of a lifetime.

This book also teaches that everyone has the power to be brave and selfless in facing a dilemma. With this potential, they can test their limits and make a satisfying outcome.

Readers who wish to experience this immersing work can purchase "The Chronicles of Levi Jones, Book 1: The Discovery" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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