Russians on Trump: A Timely Book on Trump's Dealings in Russia

Russians On Trump: Press Coverage and Commentary

In less than a week, President Trump and President Vladimir Putin will meet in Helsinki for the U.S. -Russia Summit. A timely book published by East View Press, Russians on Trump: Press Coverage and Commentary, is a collection of Russian press articles that delve into everything from Trump's business dealings in Russia to Russians' views on the Trump phenomenon, all meticulously translated into English.

Donald Trump was a well-known figure in Russia long before he ascended to the presidency of the United States, primarily for his attempts to build luxury properties in Russia and Georgia, and his work in facilitating the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow. After his surprise election win, his involvement in such projects took on a new importance, particularly the relationships Trump forged in Russia during this time.

If you want to know what the Russians think of Donald Trump, there's no better way than reading what they say about him in their press - and there's no better and more comprehensive survey of that than this book.

Prof. Mark Galeotti, Senior Researcher, Institute of International Relations, Prague

Well-organized and edited, this intriguing volume should serve as an excellent resource to those thoroughly interested in Trump's position on the world stage.
— Kirkus Reviews. Read the full review here.

Anyone wanting to know more about U.S. -Russian relations should read this book.
— Walter Moss, professor emeritus of history at Eastern Michigan University and author of A History of Russia, Vol. I and Vol. II

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