Russian Fake News Corporation Backs Controversial Indie Film

Feature Film "001 Trolling" is released worldwide May 4th.

Collage Fossil Films is pleased to announce the WORLDWIDE  May 4th, 2017 release of feature film 001 Trolling on itunes, Amazon Prime/instant Video, and special edition Blu-Ray (Japanese and English Subs).

Synopsis: "Odyn, an unfulfilled aspiring rapper languishes as a security guard in Oakland Ca. By night he adopts the catfish proxy of a famous rapper in chat rooms to seduce girls as his girlfriend sleeps. Little does he know that his activity is being monitored by Richard Nullman, of the world renowned internet trolling organisation The Grid Gang (consisting of Richard and his two agoraphobic polyamorous lovers). Odyn is scouted, the planet is trolled, relationships explode….and the secret which unites them....could destroy them…."

This release, done in partnership with Russian fake news distributor marks Collage Fossil's and Gregg Golding's first foray into a new genre of film which he calls “Mulatto Supremacist Cinema”.

This genre has already caught on in Russia, with Gregg Golding's IP blocked political rants racking up millions of views, and even more death threats from the local businesses he targets.

Regarding the genre, and its many uses and future applications, Gregg Golding issued a statement from his Silverlake Condominium.

“Since moving to LA, the various production companies, and digital media outlets failed to see the monetary potential of mulatto supremacist cinema. and Russia took a chance. Today is confirmation that gamble is paying off. Mulatto supremacy is a new and exciting form of identity politics, and a fun way to spend your summer. 001 Trolling is just the FIRST of MANY applications of this new business arrangement/philosophy. I look forward to the rising tides of change. My enemies should know I am HEAVILY BACKED!”

001 Trolling is Gregg Golding's followup to Cosplay Fetish Battle Drones, A movie promoting mysticism, which he has since disavowed.

Watch the Trailer for 001 Trolling below...

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