Russell Health Honored in Global Business Leaders Magazine's '20 Leading Companies of the Year 2021'

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Based in Willowbrook, Illinois, Russell Health is a national marketer and distributor of specialty medical products and services. Russell Health, Inc., was recently awarded as #2 in Global Business Leaders Magazine's "20 Leading Companies of the Year 2021." Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Global Business Leaders Magazine's mission 'focuses on exalting the contribution of leaders who have been the emissary for their respective industries.' Their 2021 Top 20 list features a collection of leaders across industries like medical technology, finance, marketing, blockchain solutions, industrial fabrication, and more. Read more here

Russell Health's full-page feature presents an article titled, "Russell Health: A Mini Amazon for Regenerative Medicine." It discusses the history of Russell Health Inc., ongoing research and benefits of Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy®, and well-defined commentary about how Russell Health has redefined the medicine market, even during a global pandemic. Read Russell Health's featured article here

About Russell Health: Russell Health and its partners have distributed regenerative therapy products nationwide and achieved profound clinical outcomes in multiple therapeutic areas including cosmetics, wound care, pain management, podiatry, orthopedic, dentistry and gynecology. With their partners and suppliers, they work to provide innovative life-changing and sustaining products and therapies to patients and healthcare providers around the world.

Russell Health's Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy® products are intended for homologous use to help repair, reconstruct or supplement the patient's joints or soft tissue as well as help to increase mobility while decreasing pain. These responsibly sourced acellular tissue allografts are helping people of all ages to recover from injuries and get their life back.

Pull Quotes:

"We have built a mini-Amazon for regenerative medicine." (Ryan Salvino, CEO of Russell Health)

"Our ultimate goal from the beginning has been to help people by providing safe alternatives to risky procedures and expensive treatments while offering an alternative to synthetic drugs and embracing more holistic and organic products. We want to continue to become the number one supplier of regenerative medicine in the U.S." (Jonathan Benstent, Vice President of Russell Health)

"While the pandemic caused major disruption throughout the industry, it managed to pivot patients and physicians toward alternative treatments such as Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy®. This demand can help in further enhancing the discovery of new applications for Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy® products. As a result, Russell Health is working with some of the top leaders in the regenerative medicine field to continue to grow and provide innovative products to customers and their patients." (Global Business Leaders Magazine)

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