Rural Medical Education Hosts Live Virtual Rural Health Clinical Congress in Conjunction With National Rural Health Day

Providing clinicians serving rural and underserved populations continued learning opportunities without the distance or expense.

.​​​Although 20% of the U.S. population, an estimated 57 million people, live in rural areas, only 9% of physicians practice there. As a result of ongoing provider shortages, rural America represents one of the largest physician-underserved populations in the country. 

Primary care providers face unique challenges, as patients from rural areas often have more complex needs and advanced illnesses. They also have limited opportunities for continuing education, requiring them to travel and incur expenses.  

To improve access to high-quality, tailored, complimentary continuing education exclusively for primary care health professionals practicing in rural and underserved populations, Rural Medical Education (RME) Collaborative, a division of Talem Health, announces its inaugural Rural Health Clinical Congress (RHCC).

RHCC 2019 will launch in conjunction with the annual National Rural Health Day (NRHD). NRHD is celebrated on the third Thursday of November and was founded by the National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health (NOSORH). RME Collaborative partnered with NOSORH, as well as Postgraduate Institute for Medicine (PIM), to develop this virtual and dynamic full-day continuing education event that takes place on Saturday, Nov. 23, 2019.

The complimentary conference will occur entirely online. Through an innovative platform, participants across the United States will have the opportunity to engage and interact with expert faculty in real-time. Topics for RHCC 2019 include management of uncontrolled asthma, heart failure, dyslipidemia, type 2 diabetes, and teledermatology implementation.  

“As a physician in rural Minnesota, I understand that medical practice and patient care is different in rural and underserved areas. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive curriculum covering clinical, practice management, and patient-centric topics that are tailored for clinicians, their practice, and the patients they serve,” said Barbara Yawn, MD, Chair of RHCC 2019.

Eric VanStone, Principal of Talem Health and the driver of the organization’s rural initiatives, said, “Our mission with RHCC 2019, and all that we offer year-round, is to take the distance out of the equation so that rural health professionals have what they need to  serve their patients best, while offering them outstanding and no-cost options for their continuing education.”

To learn more and to register for RHCC 2019, go to: ​

RME Collaborative

Talem Health, LLC is a provider of medical education. Our mission is to engage and empower healthcare providers through high-quality, meaningful education.

Talem Health developed Rural Medical Education (RME) Collaborative to focus on rural care and needs. RME Collaborative aims to support the professional and educational needs of rural healthcare professionals by providing high-quality, evidence-based continuing medical education. Through strategic partnerships and planning, RME Collaborative devises educational programs that are tailored to the specific challenges of care in rural areas.

Source: Rural Medical Education (RME) Collaborative


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