Rupaiya Exchange: One of the India's Widest Peer to Peer Lending Platform

Rupaiya Exchange, A Peer to Peer Lending Platform was founded by Rohan Hazrati, in the latter half of 2015.

Rupaiya Exchange - India's widest peer to peer platform facilitates personal and business loans to those who require funds through this virtual platform. It is a Marketplace that connects reliable borrowers who need loans at lower rate of interest with the private lenders who invest money for high returns. 

Rupaiya Exchange deals in two kind of loans, One is Payday loans i.e.  short term loans. Payday loans are the loans that are provided for shorter loan tenure for example if somebody wants loan for a time period of 5 - 60 days to meet his urgent money requirements. Rupaiya Exchange facilitates payday loans in India in a most secured way. Another one is long term loans i.e. loan tenure period is 3 years maximum and interest rate is less than payday loans. 

The main advantages for lenders who are investing money at Rupaiya Exchange are 100% principal assured, Monthly payouts, High return on investments, diversify assets and you can invest as little as 1000 Rs. 

The main advantages for borrowers are no prepayment fees, you can choose your own terms like rate of interest, repayment tenure, competitive bidding from lenders, no security i.e unsecured personal and business loans with hassle free processing & easy loans.

 Get a Loan without any Mortgage.

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