Rulex Platform Now Includes the Control Tower

Rulex announces the launch of the Control Tower, a new advanced function for visualizing data insight on interactive dashboards.

Rulex Control Tower

Rulex, the leading technology company specialized in no-code software for data preparation, machine learning, and optimization, adds the Control Tower to the tool palette of its platform: an advanced function for visualizing data insight on interactive dashboards. Rulex ranks 32nd on the insideBIGDATA IMPACT 50 List, which includes the most innovative data intelligence companies worldwide, and is regularly mentioned in Gartner and Forrester reports on decision management, artificial intelligence, and analytics.

Carefully designed to enrich the data exploration experience, the Control Tower makes it possible to create easy-to-read, eye-catching dashboards on a standard laptop, without writing a single line of code. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it a powerful tool for business users who want a bird's-eye view of their data.

Starting from business data, users can create interactive plots, charts, tables in a single workplace, and add filters and drilldowns to refine the analysis. Visual analytics make insight more understandable and straightforward and render patterns between data more visible, paving the way to groundbreaking discoveries. Dynamically visualizing data insight also facilitates communication in business meetings with clients and colleagues. Gauges, shapes, and texts can be quickly dragged onto dashboards, enriching presentations.

Compared to traditional dashboarding, in Rulex Control Tower it is possible to combine data from a wide variety of sources in a single environment, making it possible to work on big volumes of data. Different objects can also overlap on the dashboard, adding an extra level of animation.

Rulex Control Tower includes three different working modes to prepare dashboards, and users can switch between them to instantly check results:

  • Data Mode: to change the underlying data itself, applying formulas and performing queries.
  • Dashboard Mode: to bring data to life, by dragging interactive objects onto a dashboard builder.
  • Execute Mode: to present data insight during business meetings in read-only mode.

The Control Tower shows the company's commitment to creating advanced user-friendly tools for enriching the user's data exploration experience.

Many more new features are in the pipeline, such as a totally new workflow development environment and vertical solutions for transport optimization and fraud detection.

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