RUBIROSA Announces the Launch of the Next Level of Gentlemen's Sneakers

Gentlemen's sneakers: An innovative brand to launch through a worldwide crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign

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Flavio Agosti, the co-founder of RUBIROSA, is highly delighted to announce the launch of the next generation of gentlemen’s sneakers — the most recent invention and creativity in men‘s shoes designed by hand using top-quality leather and maintaining the exclusive standards of Italian craftsmanship. It is the leading smart and creative men‘s shoe that helps the wearer relax and move better either at home or on-the-go by combining comfort and high quality in line with the ability to correctly secure the shoe with a simple well-knitted shoelace.

RUBIROSA is a Swiss-based private firm established with the primary aim of ensuring that its esteemed customers get high quality and innovative products at great prices, leveraging on years of experience in craftmanship, quality control and production management. The firm is focused on designing fascinating and innovative gentlemen’s shoes using the highest quality of leather materials as well as the experience of centuries of traditional Italian craftmanship. 

Through a perfect blend of expertise, ancient Italian traditional craftsmanship, sophisticated leather materials and cutting-edge technology, RUBIROSA has earned a standing reputation in the design and delivery of the most captivating and fashionable men’s shoes, leading to the satisfaction of its valued customers as well as positive feedback and referral. RUBIROSA products are born out of the philosophy of the legendary Latin American gentleman Porfirio Rubirosa, a fashion icon who lived between 1909 and 1965.

Today, RUBIROSA has announced its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds (40,000 CHF) for the production of the next generation of gentlemen’s sneakers and to finalize the new packaging components so that the sneakers can arrive in homes across the world as soon as possible. Kickstarter is an enormous global community built around creativity and creative projects, established with the mission of bringing creative projects to life. It is the ideal platform to launch the next generation of gentlemen’s sneakers, because RUBIROSA has an attractive and creative product which offers an exquisite way of bringing comfort and relaxation to the users.

Flavio Agosti says, “We believe people are going to fall in love with our new generation of gentlemen’s sneakers and the story of the brand. Our unique and high-quality handcrafted gentlemen’s sneakers are made from the finest leather materials using the traditional standards of Italian craftmanship in the most experienced workshop in Italy. It delivers high-performance, unrivaled comfort and durable wearer experience to the users.“

The high-quality gentlemen’s sneakers are aimed at modern cosmopolitans of every age who value class and aesthetics: men who have certain aspirations for themselves and those around them. Like the style icon Rubirosa, this young label represents an outlook on life: embracing beautiful things, fashion, style, pleasure, personality, authenticity and creativity. The unmistakable character of the handcrafted shoes is revealed primarily in its day-to-day wear, and the quality of the materials shines through in their unbeatable wearer comfort.

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