Rubbermaid Commercial Products Publishes White Paper to Explain the Tested Efficacy and Efficiencies of HYGEN™ Microfiber

Learn about the science behind what makes microfiber a critical cleaning tool, and how HYGEN™ microfiber products are a proven and efficient clean

Rubbermaid Commercial Products HYGEN Microfiber

Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP), the global leader in the commercial cleaning industry, recently published a white paper and appeared on a popular healthcare podcast to explain the tested efficacy and efficiencies of their HYGEN™ Microfiber products. The focus on effective environmental cleaning has never been as intense as it is now during the COVID-19 pandemic. As healthcare and commercial facilities across the globe struggle to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, they are increasingly looking for effective, efficient and evidence-based cleaning solutions.

Andrew Rushworth, Director of Cleaning at RCP, appeared on a recent episode of the “C. Diff Spores and More” podcast to discuss essential tools in an infection control program. Listen to the episode to learn about what sets quality microfiber apart, the evidence behind it, and how it can serve as an effective infection prevention solution in healthcare.

RCP’s Defining Microfiber White Paper explains why microfiber is a superior cleaning tool compared to traditional textiles, but not all microfiber is created equal. There are distinct differences in composition, size and design amongst specific microfiber products that directly impact efficacy. Read the white paper to learn how HYGEN™ Microfiber is engineered to incorporate all the evidence-based features that yield a highly effective and durable microfiber product. HYGEN™ microfiber is constructed from premium polymers, competitor tested, and proven to remove 99.7% or more of tested clinically relevant microorganisms*.

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*Based on third-party testing on VCT surface with water only

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