RTsafe Wins Prestigious 2019 R&D 100 Awards From R&D Magazine

RTsafe, a medical technology company focused on improving the safety and accuracy of radiotherapy for cancer and other medical conditions, today announced that its Personalized PseudoPatient™ head phantom has received an R&D 100 Award from R&D World Magazine as one of the 100 most technologically significant products of the past year.

“We’re honored that RTsafe is being recognized for its contribution to radiation oncology,” said Dr. Evangelos Pappas, CEO and founder of RTsafe. “This award is a testament to our commitment to deliver products and services that enhance the safety of each and every patient and provide confidence to radiotherapy professionals that the designed radiation treatment plan is efficient.”

Advanced radiotherapy techniques, such as cranial stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), require novel approaches for ensuring patient safety. Personalized PseudoPatient™ enables every radiotherapy department, small or big, to make cranial SRS a technique that they are eager to adopt.

RTsafe’s Personalized PseudoPatient™ is the world’s first 3D-printed head phantom that is customizable to individual patients suffering from brain cancer or brain lesions. Using the patient’s anonymized CT scan and deploying highly accurate, medical-grade, 3D-printing technology and the latest dosimetry methodologies, RTsafe can create a patient-specific phantom which reacts to radiation in the exact same way that human tissue does. It enables radiotherapy professionals to test every radiotherapy procedure with extreme accuracy on an anatomically perfect replica of the patient’s head before the actual treatment is performed and the patient is exposed to radiation. This means that the patient can have peace of mind that their personalized radiation treatment is safe and efficient. The technology has already received 510(k) FDA Clearance.

The R&D 100 Awards are given annually and honor the year's most innovative scientific and technological breakthroughs.

About RTsafe

RTsafe is a medical technology company that has developed a unique approach to quality assurance that significantly enhances the safety and accuracy of radiotherapy for cancer and other medical conditions. It combines proven expertise in medical physics with highly accurate 3D-printing technology to create pseudo‐in‐vivo dosimetry phantoms towards End‐to‐End commissioning, benchmarking and patient‐specific quality assurance in SRS, IMRT, VMAT and SBRT applications. The anatomically accurate effigies enable medical professionals to plan more precise treatment interventions for each individual patient and help radiotherapy technology innovators to fine‐tune their products. The result is more effective individualized therapy and reduced patient risk. For more information, visit www.rt-safe.com.


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